Points to note before your job change

  You are unhappy at work and have been looking around for job openings. You’re thinking of taking the leap to make the change. But before you submit your resignation letter, it is wise to consider your situation and available opportunities.   Take your personal circumstances into consideration Switching jobs can be a big change ... more


What makes a Senior Executive leave?

When a Senior Executive announces their resignation, an organisation is left with a costly task to replace the critical hire, both in terms of financial resources and the productivity lost while the position is filled. Ideally the firm would have invested in succession planning so the vacancy could be filled seamlessly, either on a short ... more


The Graceful Exit

You’ve come to that point where you’re not happy anymore in your present company. The job doesn’t offer enough challenges. You’ve grown tired of the routine, the sight of your desk, and even the office’s interior design. You decide to check out the job vacancies in Singapore, and you find what you think is the ... more


Changing Jobs? Do the Right Things

Are you at that point in your career when you’re considering, or have decided, that it’s time to move on to another company? Have you been checking the ads for jobs in Singapore more frequently than usual? ... more

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How to Resign Professionally

Just as emotionally straining as a job interview are job resignations. Both are huge decisions to make and both processes arouse all sorts of feeling that may be unpleasant. While the changes from the transition kick in, the feeling of being in limbo, the fear of making the wrong choice and the fear of reprisal ... more

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5 Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Job

There will be instances when you feel like you’re starting to dislike your job in Singapore. This is normal especially if you’ve been doing it for a time. There’s nothing wrong with occasionally not liking your job but when the feeling becomes deeper and dislike turns to disdain, chances are, it’s time to submit your ... more