5 Common Resume Mistakes by Marketing Fresh Graduates

5 Common Resume Mistakes by Marketing Fresh Grads

Your resume is the first source of information a potential employer has about you. It is vital then that your resume creates good impressions of yourself to an absolute stranger. This task is slightly more challenging for fresh graduates because sometimes it may feel like you have no idea how to write a good resume. ... more

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5 Things to Include in Your Resume

If you haven’t been following our social media series, we at jobsDB have been turning to the people who can give us the best career-related tips – that’s right, they’re our Facebook followers. We’ve asked them for their best productivity tips and advice before going for an interview. Last week, we asked them one of the most ... more


Using Professional References on Your Resume Effectively

With the popularity of professional networking sites and the ease of how you get commendations through Facebook and Twitter, should you still add professional references to your resume during a job search? More and more job seekers are asking this question and this article hopes to answer this for the last time. ... more