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How to Write a Resume for Medical Services

Jobs in medical services require a very particular skill set, different from any other kind of profession. This poses a challenge when writing your resume—the standard formats do not apply to you, yet the document has to be written precisely so as to have your skills clearly stated. There’s no right way when writing your resume, ... more


5 Reasons to Work in Healthcare

Are you considering a job in medical services, or are you looking for a switch in careers? There are many rewards and benefits to be reaped from working in healthcare—here are five of them: 1. The healthcare industry is constantly expanding Thanks to an ageing population and medical tourism, the demand for healthcare professionals has been ... more

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How to Choose the Right Allied Health Profession for You

So you’ve decided to get a medical services job as an allied health professional. There are an abundance of jobs to choose from, even ones that you might not be familiar with—think phlebotomist. The amount of choices might be overwhelming. How should you know which is the right fit for you? Research thoroughly Check out the different job ... more

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Managing Stress for Healthcare Workers

Having a job in medical services can take a toll on your mental health. Studies have shown that healthcare workers have elevated levels of stress due to a number of factors particular to their professions such as long hours, dealing with death and unreasonable patient expectations. As a medical professional, the only way to cope with job-related ... more


8 Medical Jobs You May Not Know Exist

You’ve heard of general practitioners, dentists, nurses… and the list for medical jobs in Singapore can go on. But within the medical industry are some of the most vital jobs that you may not even know exist. Some of these jobs will leave you wondering why you’re in your boring old desk job old. And they pay ... more


The Education Pathway to a Career in Medical Services

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A Love For Plants – NParks

A Love For Plants Alan Tan is a Horticulturist and Assistant Director at NParks, and he says that “NParks is an option that I would highly recommend to fresh graduates who aspire to a great career in an organization that offers them a wide and interesting scope of work, many opportunities to grow and develop ... more