How Mentoring Can Boost Your HR Career

How Mentoring Can Boost Your HR Career

It doesn’t matter what stage you are at in your professional HR career, an effective mentoring relationship will always be of benefit. People are at the core of working in HR. You listen to people, manage them, and address their needs, in some cases, you are at the forefront of dealing with varying temperaments and ... more

Changes that HR professionals must grapple with in 2017 and beyond

Changes that HR Professionals must grapple within 2017 and beyond

Change is the only constant. Top HR professionals know this and are therefore always on the lookout to adopt shifting paradigms in the industry so that their organisations can stay on top of their game. According to Mercer’s recent study on global talent trend, more changes are expected in 2017 and beyond. 1. Expect restructuring ... more


Understanding the Importance of the HR Department

Most employees are unaware of how much really goes on in their own company’s Human Resources Department. They think that the HR Manager’s job ends with recruiting, screening, hiring, and processing payroll. Typically, those in construction jobs, advertising jobs and aviation jobs and other specialisations choose to just focus on their respective responsibilities and not ... more


Dyson | HR

About Us RDD Finance Procurement HR Manufacturing The human resources team is here to ensure that we have the right people, with the right skills. We work closely with the business and our people so that Dyson can constantly strive to be an ‘employer of choice’ where people’s performance and career aspirations are developed, measured, ... more


A Closer Look At The Different Roles in The HR Team

Gone are the days where the Human Resources role was a mere administrative function within a company. With increasingly complex employee welfare laws and the pressing need to attract and retain top talent in businesses, HR has evolved into one of the most multi-faceted careers in Singapore. Many graduates enter the HR profession as a ... more