Pay transparency: What can HR do?

Pay Transparency: What can HR do?

Did you know that new research shows that sharing information about salaries actually makes employees work harder?A study, conducted by Emiliano Huet-Vaughn, an assistant professor of economics at Middlebury College, revealed that participants who disclosed their earnings and made comparisons with others generally worked harder to increase their performance. In addition, another study, conducted by ... more

The importance of HR analytics and why HR should embrace it

The importance of HR analytics and why HR should embrace it

Historically, technical terms such as big data and analytics are commonly associated with computer nerds and data geeks. Today, these terms are everywhere. Big data and analytics are largely used in marketing, customer service, operations and even human resources (HR). HR professionals today need to realise that the HR landscape is more complex than ever ... more


How to make your HR career switch

Joanne Chua is a Manager at Robert Walters Singapore. She oversees and grows the HR specialist recruitment division, which focuses on hiring HR professionals into various industries which include IT & telecommunications, FMCG, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, and property. ... more


Great Qualities Employers Want in an Admin Assistant

Admin assistants are the lifeblood of every business – their job provides essential support to executives and managers in both complex and general tasks. On the whole, there are many differing admin roles with varying salaries and ranks, but in general, the qualities that make an admin professional truly great can be boiled down to ... more