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Features you’ll love

Ever-growing database

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job ads

Advanced search filter

Easily shortlist
relevant candidates

Up-to-date profiles

Improve hiring efficiency with candidate’s latest information

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Contact potential
candidates directly

Top 10 job functions of registered candidates: *

Information Technology
Sales, CS & BD
Admin & HR
Banking / Finance
Hospitality/ F&B
Building & Construction
Marketing / PR
Transportation & Logistics

* jobsDB internal data, Jul – Sep 2016

Features highlights

Our search and filtering tools enable you to precisely select the best talents from our talent pool.

Intuitive search

  • Features a single search bar with guided auto-suggest to help you search for the best talents based on your own terms and requirements.
  • Simply key in the keywords; e.g. job title, and the results will be presented to you based on smart ranking of relevancy and freshness.

Filtering tools

Refining your search precisely
  • Search filters based on key hiring parameters will speed up the shortlisting and decision making process.

Sending an impressive job invitation

Use a clear and compelling subject line that gets your candidate’s attention.
Briefly outline who you are, what your organization does, and why you are reaching out to them.
Connect with your candidate by referencing key information from their profile.

Calling candidates

On your first exploratory call…

Take the time to explain to the candidate how you were able to contact them. Be upfront about your reasons for reaching out to them.
Ask if the candidate is open to explore a possible career opportunity.
Be interested in listening to what they have to say.
Give an overview of the work and the job’s career prospects.

Sound aggressive or too pushy.
Be too eager to sell your job immediately.
Use generic language in your correspondence. Customize your message for every candidate you communicate with.
Forget to follow-up once you’ve made contact.

Get started

Step 1: Search and assess candidates

Search using key parameters that you need to make a decision. Outcome: Reach a wider pool of candidates and shortlist relevant candidates.

Assess candidates with up- to-date & accurate profiles and view their updates for 12 months. Outcome: Improve hiring efficiency with the candidate’s latest information.

Step 2: Connect and invite candidates

Directly connect candidates including monitoring ones when you buy candidate profiles

Invite candidates when you send job invitation emails and increase the number of relevant applications

Let’s read what our hirers says about the Talent Search:

Talent Search is effective and easy to use, being my first experience. With just 2 job postings, I get 500 coins to use for free to buy profiles or send invites to candidates that meet my requirements. I encourage hirers to use Talent Search. Go for it!”
Doreen Lo
TJ Consultants
Talent Search is useful. 5/5
Tony Puah
Whitebox Holdings
Yes, I will recommend Talent Search to colleagues
Serene Tan
Fastcash Pte Ltd
Simple and easy to use! Candidate Match and Relevance 4/5!
Tiu Inn Kee
Jasmine & Associates
Talent Search is useful and easy to use at 5/5 rating. Quantity of Engineering roles rated 4/5!
Eldon Dayo
Emerson Electric Asia
I can do search for the candidates with the skill set I want!
Fong Gek Huat
Goodman Employment Agency
Candidate Match Relevant rated 4/5! Will recommend to colleagues.
May Tan
Using Talent Search is so much more convenient and easy to look for potential candidates. Instead of waiting for candidates to apply for our job, we also make use of Talent Search for a faster and quicker response from job seeker.
Foo Yu Yuan
Jarsonn Chua Organisation
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