Recruitment Centre

An integrated job ad, application management and candidate communication platform.


Post job ad 24x7

Post job ad 24 x 7

Access the jobsDB job ad posting platform anytime, anywhere

target relevant job seekers

Target relevant job seekers

Get more relevant candidate applications through targeted job ads

Capture job seekers' attention with job highlights

Capture job seekers’ attention with job highlights

Increase your ads’ visibility across all jobsDB desktop and mobile platforms, and widen your candidate reach

Centralised candidate management

Centralised candidate management

Store all candidate applications from your job ads or Talent Search invitations in one place for centralised management


How to

Writing a good ad has never been so fast and easy.

Write or paste your job ad content

Fill in all sections to help candidates understands the opportunity

Job title

  • Be specific
  • Avoid abbreviations and acronyms
  • Accurately reflect the job role
  • Help candidates understand the seniority and job function

Good Example:
Finance Assistant Manager

Bad Example:
Assistant Manager, 5 day work, 1 month bonus

Job detail

Job description/ responsibilities

  • Essential duties and responsibilities (listed in point form for easy reference)
  • Information about career development

Job requirements

  • Qualifications
  • Special considerations


  • Think about how hard the job will be and adjust the criteria. If it’s easy, make the criteria as strict as possible; otherwise, make it as attractive as possible.
  • Make the requirements clear: some skills are must-haves while others are preferred.
  • Make sure your job description and requirements comply with the equal-opportunity and other employment-related legislations.

Application management

The Recruitment Centre enables you to manage all candidate applications in one place conveniently. However, if you still prefer to receive a copy of the resume in your email, you may check the box “Receive applications through email”

Job summary

It appears in the search result page and on mobile devices.

It should:

  • Provide job highlights that consist of specific aspects of a job description that stand out as exceptional or important
  • Differentiate between other similar jobs, e.g. highlight the skills required and help connect the right candidates to the right positions
  • Be clear and concise

Employer profile – (Company desciption)

Explain the size, structure and operation of the company. Keep it simple and only include information candidates would find interesting. Maximum 4-5 lines.

  • Highlight what makes your company great and be specific
  • Tell candidates about the size, structure and operations of the Company
  • If you are not well known, make your industry and operations clear

Promote your job ad on

Get your job searched and seen by the candidate you want by carefully selecting how you want your job to be searched and matched as follows:

  • Job function
  • Industry
  • Location
  • Salary
  • Benefits
  • Free options to add more details

Candidates can find your job ads through the search box on

Free options to add more details

Free options further enable your job ads to get more visibility. By adding more details to “Free options”, your job ad’s visibility can be maximized when candidates search for jobs by job ad content in the search box on

Assign a label

You can organise job ads and candidates with labels; the assigned labels will be displayed on these fields:

  1. job title on the Manage job ads page, or
  2. candidate name and last position on the Candidates page

Preview and check

Save as a draft

Send to others to review

Or click “Next” to proceed to confirmation

Go back to edit the job ad

Checkout to deduct credits and post your job ad

Confirm to post the job ad now

Press “Continue”

Your job ad is posted

You can now easily organise candidate applications and keep track of their latest status all in one place.


Save time by using filters to identify only the most relevant candidates.

Retrieve applications

Store candidate profiles in the system and retrieve them any time.

Up-to-date profiles

Get access to the latest candidate profile information when you need it.

Application status

Notify candidates if their application is viewed or deemed not suitable for a post.