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Ace the interview, get your dream job

Ace your Interview

In today’s competitive world, organizations are no longer only looking for talent who can carry out the role and fit into the organization culture, rather they are looking for potential leaders of the organization for tomorrow. How do you show them you have what it takes?


INFocus Nites: Positioning finance for a more strategic role

Banking & Finance

Ms Alice G K Tan, CFO of LTA shares about the changing role of a CFO, the transformation of her Finance team from a transactional back office support function to a more strategic role.


INFocus Nites: An interactive session on sustaining a career in the green sector

Industry Focus

INFocus – a collaboration between NTUC and jobsDB – aims to bring PMEs like yourself up to speed with the latest and upcoming trends in the employment marketplace and various industries through interactive sessions with some of Singapore’s leading employers.


Stop missing out on great opportunities. Update your profile now!

Job Hunters

Did you know that the market behavior has changed? Hirers are turning to proactive search for suitable candidates through jobsDB Talent Search function.


Why Sleeping On the Job Helps You Become a Better Worker

Workplace Survival Kit

Sleeping on the job may still be frowned upon as a sign of laziness. But in recent years, many progressive companies have begun to see the benefits of sleep and are encouraging employees to take mid-day naps to recharge.


The One Personality Trait You Need to Succeed in Your Career. Find Out What It Is!

Workplace Survival Kit

Your personality type determines your success. But what if we have it all wrong? Research has indicated that one particular personality type consistently produces more and better success than all the others.


4 Awesome Ways to Start an Office Meeting

Employer Zone

Meetings are a crucial part of any organization as they serve as a means to converge, communicate new information and discuss important issues.