You’ve Got A Job Offer But Should You Take It?

Congratulations on your job offer! You’ve reached the final stage of the job hunting process. But before you sign off on the dotted line, take a moment to consider if this is the job you really want. Wait, you mean you shouldn’t accept the offer yet?

Many fresh graduates take up offers they receive without researching if the company is a right fit for them because their first priority is to secure a job before graduating. Only then do they realise that their expectations before getting hired do not fit the reality of working there.

Should you take up the job offer? Take a moment to consider and research on the following points:

Why is the position open?

Find out how long the person in the position before you was in the company before leaving and why they left. If it is a new position, ask why there is a need to create it.

Is there a high turnover?

Ask how many people were in the position in the last five years. If there was a high turnover, find out the reasons.

What do your prospective colleagues think of working there?

Do a little research and find out through LinkedIn or any other connections you might have how the employees of the company like it there. Try to discover as much as you can about working there.

What is the financial situation like in the company?

If it’s a public company, go online to find out its financial condition and future risks. If it isn’t, ask about its earnings trends and position in the market.

What is the media saying about the company?

Check the news to find out what the media is saying about the company. Are there any red flags you should watch out for?

Do you have a clear job description?

Your job description should distinctly state your responsibilities and deliverables for the next one to two  years. This will come in handy when discussing your performance with your boss.

Will your job offer be in writing?

In black and white, make sure you have your job title, compensation and any other points you have negotiated in your job offer. This will secure you and the commitments the company made to you if ever your boss resigns.

Source: Waag Society (photo)

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