You’ve Got the Job! Here’s How to Win at Being the Newbie at Work

Are you feeling a little jittery as your first day of work approaches? Hey, don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Even the best of us took some time to adjust to the new work environment. Every company is different – although you might win the lottery in the work culture department and end up having the best first day of your life – but here’s a quick guide on winning at being the newbie at work.

Before you go to work

Do your research. The research doesn’t end once you’ve gotten the job, unfortunately. Come up with a list of questions to ask to show your curiosity to learn.

Pay attention to what you wear. You want to make a great impression, so put in extra effort in picking your outfit. The rule of thumb is to follow what your colleagues are wearing. Skip anything that is too tight, too short or too revealing.

Give yourself plenty of time to travel. Always aim to arrive 15 minutes early to avoid any unforeseen delays. It’s your first day, start it on the right foot.

When you’re at the office

Make an effort to be friendly. We know, we know, it doesn’t come naturally to everybody. However, coming across as the unfriendly colleague can have its setbacks in the long run. Start your career at the company right by showing your new colleagues that you’re ready to mingle.

Show interest. You might be the newbie in the office, and nobody might bother to learn about you. But make an effort to find out more about them.

Listen, listen, listen. Your first day isn’t the time to voice your opinions. Instead, listen carefully to what your boss and colleagues have to say about the company. Prepare a notebook and pen so you can take notes.

Observe how the company works. Find out who makes the decisions, what the unwritten rules are of the office and what the goals are for the company. Ask your team mates about how the department operates. This will better prepare you for your time at your new job.

Pay attention to how you behave. You can’t be dressed professionally only to act terribly. Increase your awareness of what your body language is communicating. Acting enthusiastic will definitely help you gain brownie points. Also, remember to switch your phone to silent!


Your first day at work is really important. But if it doesn’t go as smooth sailing as you planned it to be, don’t take it too hard on yourself. It is, after all, only just the beginning of your work life here.


Source: Nana B Agyei (photo)

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