Convert your Job Interviews into Job Offers

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After sending out countless resumes and finally securing that interview, it must have felt great, especially if it’s a company you are pretty much interested in. You get yourself prepared and all ready for the interview.

So you have gone through the interview, and everything seems to be fine, but you realised you are not being offered the job and this goes on. You realised you remained in the job hunting cycle. Something must have gone wrong.

One of the possibilities might be how you presented yourself during the interview. It may be due to things that happened after the interview too, such as checks conducted by the hiring companies on your references to have a better understanding on you as well. Although there might be one hundred and one possibilities on why you are not getting that job offer, there are definitely ways to save the situation. Here’s what you can do:

Practice your interviews with a friend.

There might be some gestures that you are unaware of during the interviews and get interpreted differently by the interviewer. Get your friend to take note on how you communicate and behave during the interview and keep a look out for small gestures. Anticipate some questions that are frequently asked during interviews and prepare yourself for them.

Impress the interviewer.

First impression is very important, especially in an interview. The way you present yourself can affect their opinion of you in their mind. Interviewers also take the personality of the candidate into consideration at the final stage of hiring process. Sean Ong, Head of Sales in jobsDB Singapore shared with us that candidates nowadays are lacking in interpersonal communication skills which are much needed in sales roles. Understand the position you are interviewed for and make sure you leave a good impression in your interviewers’ mind.

Increase your chances of getting hired. Create a jobsDB profile

Increase your chances of getting hired. Update your jobsDB profile

Check your public profile.

Social media is a powerful tool, it can help or harm you in a way, therefore be mindful of what you post online. Your profile might not turn up first thing in a search, but don’t be surprised if they manage to find them through their connections.

Ensure your references are people who give positive reviews of you. They are also part of your profile as they will vouch for what you are like as a person and to work with. You would hope that reviews given by them are good and not jeopardising your chance of getting the job.


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