Your Internship Just Turned into a Job Offer

You crushed your internship – nice work, by the way! – so much that your company has offered you a full-time job. For the first time in your life, you have a salary in front of you, benefits and a fancy professional title to append to your resume. No reason to turn down the offer, right?

In reality, you might be leaving a better option on the table by not exploring other opportunities. Then again, it may be the right call to stay at a place you know and are familiar with. So, what do you do?


Get to know the company

Even though you may have interned at this company for a few months, you may not know what it’s like to work there full-time. For better or worse, interns often have vastly different experiences than employees working there year-around.

Before committing, it is essential to research the job and company. This includes asking current employees who used to be interns what their transitions were like, as well as meeting other members of the team and asking them about their experiences working for the company.

Bottom line: Learn as much as possible about the company.


Know what you want before shopping around

It’s always good to keep your options open, but you don’t want indecision to cost you opportunities. That’s why clarifying the time you have to make a decision is crucial.

Next, decide what you’re looking for in terms of compensation and benefits, as well as what kind of company culture you want to work in for the long term.

Bottom line: If the place you’ve been interning won’t be the right cultural fit or just can’t offer the benefits you need, it’s probably a good idea to look elsewhere.


If you’ve got room to learn and grow, take the offer

Remember, your first job is far from the end-all be-all, especially with millennials making job-hopping the new norm. So, if you are happy with your co-workers, the compensation and benefits you’ve been offered, and the opportunity for career growth, then it usually makes sense to take the job.

Bottom line: Should you see a career future with the company and are happy with the environment and co-workers, take the job offer, stay, and grow.


Whatever you decide, congratulations if you’re offered a full-time gig from your internship. That means you’ve been doing a stellar job – and you’ve got a great start to your career ahead! Just don’t let it get to your head and start thinking you are all ‘Oh-I-am-so-important’ – you’ll start slip-sliding your way down the company’s career chain.


Source: Pinterest (image)