Why You Should Work in an SME

Many embarking on a job search tend to look toward applying to MNCs – just imagine the looks on people’s faces when you tell them you work for one of the giant companies! But before you get seduced by that idea, you might want to do yourself a favour by first understanding the benefits and rewards of working in an SME. You might just change your mind about working for the ‘big boys’.

The job scope is more varied

As SMEs tend to be less rigid in structure, the job scopes are usually less defined. This gives you more opportunities to take on other roles and functions you might not otherwise be able to in bigger companies and, as a result, broaden your skill set and plump up your resume further.

Get more hands-on learning

In giant corporations, a whole lot of people have the same role. On-the-job training will very likely constitute of shadowing someone more senior in position. However, at an SME, the approach is more hands-on, giving you more exposure and responsibilities. Many who have chosen to work in SMEs feel that they had more opportunities to develop their career.

Climb the career ladder much faster

The bigger the company, the more competition there is; in order to get a promotion in an MNC, you will really have to be something special. Whereas hard work in an SME will not go unnoticed, especially if you have proved your worth. You might just get to climb the career ladder a lot quicker in a smaller company.

The culture is a lot more personable

On top of earning recognition for what you do, a small enterprise provides for a cosier environment, which may be more informal and friendly. You don’t have to worry much about ineffective communication or chancing upon an unfamiliar face. And because everybody generally knows everybody, workplace politics is less tolerated.

A leaner team is a close-knit team

That means the management is in closer proximity, sometimes with you working very closely with them. Knowing management on a personal level will come in useful when you have feedback or thoughts regarding company matters. People who started working for SEMs only because they could not find a placement in a bigger corporation realise they make more of a contribution to the company than their counterparts elsewhere.

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