Work-Life Balance Success: Sony Electronics Group

In today’s hectic working world, the challenge for companies is how they can effectively enable their staff to be productive and enjoy a good work-life balance at the same time. One company that has achieved success in this aspect is Sony Electronics Group in Singapore, a winner of this year’s POSB Everyday Champions for Sports award 2010.

jobsDB chats to Mr. Paul Ong, General Manager, Head, Corporate Human Resources Division, Regional & Corporate Services Group at Sony Electronics Asia Pacific, to find out more about the company’s dedication and passion to implement work-life balance strategies and activities for all its staff.

paul-ong1Paul, can you please share about Sony’s work-life balance activities? A large majority of our staff actively engage in sports through company sponsored activities such as Yoga, Pilates, Kickboxing and many more.

On weekends, we organise sports activities such as badminton, bowling, go-kart and street soccer. All these activities are mainly planned by our company’s recreation committee, which comprises of staff from various different departments and business units.

We also held an ACTIVE Day (ACTIVE – All Companies Together In Various Exercises) during office hours in September last year, where staff got the chance to assess their fitness levels by doing several physical stations such as step test, agility ladder, skipping and arm-wrestling. It was very well received by staff and we are organizing a similar event this year.

sony-seoThrough our integrated approach to organising activities under the FRCSH (Family, Recreation, Community, Sports and Health) theme, more staff have increased their awareness on how sports and physical activities can help them to lead a healthy life.

Furthermore, we receive a lot of support and encouragement from our management as our Managing Director is an avid marathon runner himself.

How have these work-life balance activities benefited your staff?

We strongly believe that a healthy and vibrant workforce helps to increase productivity and yield better business results. Plus, based on our annual survey conducted among our staff recently, we noted an increase in the demand for Sports activities and a shift in their lifestyle towards more health-conscious food choices as well.

yoga-sonyHow has winning the POSB Everyday Champions for Sports Award 2010 inspired Sony?

This award is a good recognition of our continuous efforts in implementing sports and health-related activities for our employees. It will also motivate our Management and recreation committee to provide more innovative, fun and engaging work-life balance programs for our staff.

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