Which Job Should You Have?

As far as specialisations of your degree or diploma go, you might still be at a loss of what you really want to do. The truth of a matter is there’s nothing wrong with feeling that way. There are people in the world that know what they want from the get-go, but there are also people who figure out their path along the way.

That’s why there are a hundred and one psychometric tests out there to nudge you in the right direction. Even here at jobsDB, we’ve created our own versions of the Myer-Briggs Indicator Test and the Enneagram quiz.

But what do you do when you don’t even know which career path to take? The Strong Interest Inventory (SII), created by Edward Kellog Strong Junior, was designed to help with career assessment. Using personal interests, the SII might just give you the insight you need for possible career choices.

While the SII is usually an in-depth test on interest, the quiz below is printable and takes less than 10 minutes to complete. If you’re keen on finding out more about the SII, you can find many longer samples on the Internet.




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