What are the Best Ways to Attract Millennial Talent

Companies without employees with fresh perspectives are sitting ducks waiting to be taken out by competitors. In a marketplace with a vicious cycle of competition, staying relevant is of the utmost importance. 

New perspectives can be found in the younger generation – they are brimming full of ideas, providing a unique take on market and consumer trends, and they do not hesitate to question ambiguity and challenge the status quo.

How do you ensure you are successful in hiring new graduates aka the Millennials? Here are a few tips:


 Do your homework

Before the hiring process, it is important to be clear on the roles to be filled. Ensure that there are no clashing views between organization, managers and recruiters on what they want and value most in a new hire.


Consider your culture

Millennials expect a very different work experience as compared to their senior generations – they want regular constructive feedback and view continuous learning as a way of life. It is crucial to have clear policies and procedures for employees to understand what is expected of them and have standardized performance review forms.


Get off to the right start

The younger generations are also seeking a personal connection between co-workers, managers and the organization. They are also expecting opportunities for growth and development. The organization can consider conducting orientation and training sessions for the first 90 days of employment. Creating an early development plan shows new hires that there are opportunities for them to progress through the hierarchy.


Source: Unsplash (image)