Ways to Beat Work Stress

“We are not invincible. We burn out. We get sick. We are vulnerable. We are human.”

Unless you’re a professional Zen master, you probably experience work stress. We all have our breaking points where we just can’t take things anymore but still have to keep going. This is called ‘stress’ and it can affect us all in different ways – depression, short temper, headaches, anxiety, etc.

When the pressure gets too high, you’ll end up dreading going to work on a near-constant basis. If you don’t want to end up hating your job, it’s time to fix the issue on hand.

Stay organized

Nobody likes the feeling of walking into a mess. It’s important to keep yourself and your surroundings organized to take your stress levels down a few notches. Clean your desk – can you imagine finding a pen under that pile of papers you have? When was the last time you’ve wiped that layer of dust down the end of your table?

Keep a To-Do list by hand. Start the day by planning what needs to be completed in order of importance and cross those items off the list one by one. Believe it or not, keeping your computer’s desktop clean can help to increase your work productivity.

Identify your stressors

It sounds like a no-brainer to figure out what stresses you – deadlines, overlong to-do lists – but taking the time to know what actually pushes you over the edge is the first step to fixing the problem. Pay attention to how you respond to those stress triggers. By recognising your responses, you can focus on finding more productive ways of dealing with the cause.

Watch your intake

There is a pretty close relationship between food and mood. When you’re stressed out, fast food and drinks after work can sound appealing. But when you make those choices repeatedly, they can exacerbate the native effects of stress. Limit your intake of coffee, tea, sugar, soft drinks and alcohol. Nursing hangover the next day at work is never a good idea.

Rest breaks

Staring at the same Word doc for the next hour is not going to make things less stressful. Go for a walk, do some simple stretches, do something that will pry you away from your desk and allow you to clear your head. Meditation can also be done as a way to pull you out of your current mental state so that you can center yourself.

Protect your leisure time

All work and no play makes for a very stressful day. It’s paramount for you to make some time for leisure activities to help you relax and recharge. If you have vacation time waiting for you, don’t be afraid to take it.

We cannot eliminate or escape stress at the workplace. It is a fact of modern life. We all deserve to live a happy, contented life. Get stress under control before it cripples your performance and harms your health.



Source: Business Insider (image)