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The Volunteer Special Constabulary (VSC), an important component of the Singapore Police Force (SPF), contributed more than sixty years of volunteer service to the nation. You are vested with equal powers of a police officer and the opportunity to enforce law and order in Singapore.


The VSC comprises volunteers from all walks of life – from businessmen to blue-collar executives to even bus captains – sharing the same aspiration to serve the nation by complementing SPF. VSC Officers don the same police uniform and patrol the streets, participating in anti-drug operations or even high-speed sea chase, regardless of their civilian career or profession!


jobsDB.com chats to Ms Neo Fung Leng, an officer from Volunteer Special Constabulary of Tanglin Police Division, to find out more about this exciting role of volunteer police officer.


Leng, what is your full-time job?


I’m a manager working in a government statutory board.


What inspired you to serve as a VSC officer?


As a VSC officer, I am given great opportunities to contribute to society by maintaining law and order, and to fight crimes and help make Singapore a safer place for my family and fellow citizens.


How did you become a VSC officer?


After my application to become a VSC officer was accepted, I underwent 9 months of basic non-residential training at the Police Academy twice a week in the evenings. We were taught many useful policing skills such as that of basic policing and legal knowledge, and we were trained in street craft, firearms, drills and unarmed combat.

After I completed my training at the Police Academy, I was posted to the Orchard Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC), which oversees the Orchard Road shopping belt and Clarke Quay’s entertainment district. I’ve been a VSC officer for 3 years now and enjoy every minute of it.


Being a VSC officer is very dynamic and engaging as we get to interact with the members of public through various police activities such as proactive patrolling to keep the streets safe, helping people in distress, assisting victims of robbery or road traffic accidents, and helping to maintain law and order during large-scale public events such as the National Day Parade, Christmas light-up and the Singapore Youth Olympic Games.


What is it like being a VSC officer?

We usually perform our VSC duties after we get off from work – mostly on Fridays, weekends or our free days. Each tour of duty could last from a few hours to about 12 hours. We could also be deployed with our regular police officers, depending on the requirements of our tour of duty.


How has being a VSC officer helped you?


Ever since becoming a VSC officer, I’ve become a more confident person; I have developed greater alertness and fitness, and become more aware of my surroundings, all of which are useful skills that I can apply to my personal and work lives as well.


Therefore, I strongly encourage fellow Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents who have a great passion to serve to join us as a Volunteer Special Constabulary officer and be a truly extraordinary volunteer!

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You may wish to download a copy of the VSC application form here


For more information, visit us at http://www.spf.gov.sg/epc/vsc/explan.html