Top 10 Tips in Building Self Confidence

In an era of intense pressure and demands placed on our lives, self confidence can be hindered affecting our work productivity and achievement prospects.

It is a known fact that those with strong self confidence prevail in the workplace and career success is heavily dependent on having a positive outlook in life coupled with self confidence.

As much as they can affect us in our daily lives and not just our career, there are ways that we can learn and cope with these problems too.

Here are 10 tips that you can adopt:

  1. Dress Sharp, Look good, Feel Strong

    It is important to feel good about yourself. Physical appearance can improve the way you feel and contribute to self confidence.

  2. Good posture

    Having a good posture has been known to enhance self confidence. It is easy and once it becomes a habit, it will be done unconsciously.

  3. Have a role model

    Who do you respect? Who would you like to be? It is always good to have a role model who will set an example for you, someone who you aspire to become.

  4. Compliment other people

    We all would like to be complimented on the good work we do. But rather then wait for compliments, why not build a culture of complimenting one another within the workplace? This starts with complimenting other people first. By doing so, it will increase the number of compliments you could receive and enlighten the workplace with positivity.

  5. Speak out – Be more open

    Speaking up ideas or causes in the workplace can give a sense of involvement. The more involved a person becomes in the workplace the more self confidence can be built.

  6. Work out – Physical fitness, Good health contributes to self confidence

    Feeling positive about your health and body a.k.a having work life balance can be a contributing factor to self confidence.

  7. Contribute to the world

    Getting involved in charity, donation drives or other good cause events to help the less fortunate can boost your own self esteem and respect and a sense of achievement.

  8. Accept good feedback and grow

    There is no rule that you must accept all feedback you receive. Select the ones you feel are important and need attention and improve yourself.

  9. Be prepared to take risks.

    In your career, just like in life if you do not take calculated risks you may start to feel too comfortable in your workplace which won’t contribute to an improvement in self confidence. Also you may be denying yourself potential promotions, career opportunities and extra bonuses.Taking calculated risks can be daunting but without risks nothing major can be accomplished in your career. Going through risks can enhance self confidence and courage.

  10. Be honest to yourself

    Don’t pretend to have self confidence, it simply does not work.

    Self confidence is built on the right attitude and actions and cannot be faked.

Building self confidence cannot be accomplished overnight. It takes time and consistent positive action. By having a positive attitude to build self confidence and willingness to overcome obstacles in your career will contribute to a better self. Juri-Book-Photo

About Juri Yoshida

Juri Yoshida is the Director, Consultant and Principal Corporate Trainer at NavExpress and the Vice President of Psycho Genomics Research Institute. He is also the author of “Increasing Sales Through Relationship Marketing.” Juri shares the importance of building positive relationships within the work place through active listening.