Ten Smart Resolutions to Make in 2014

If you’re currently in a full-time or part-time job in Singapore, you’d most likely have one or two resolutions in your list that are centred around your job or finances. To really bolster your chances of getting a promotion and increasing your cash flow, also include the following ten smart goals that will help you in your bolstering your career!

  1. Be in tune with in-demand skills

Every year, studies are conducted to determine where skill and job gaps are. Put this knowledge to good use and find out if your current job function is shrinking or expanding, and modify your career plans as necessary.

  1. Network with related trade groups and/or associations

Many industries and professions have their own trade associations, forums or groups – in other words, great places for expanding your network! Find a relevant one and join it to be around like-minded people and communities. Not only that, opportunities tend to flow around groups and they’re a great way to furthering your knowledge and uncovering hidden jobs.

  1. Invest in continuing your education

Rather than leaving your career development and training in the hands of your employer, be proactive and fix the loopholes in your skill sets. Professional associations, educational groups and online courses and boards offer opportunities for you to further your training at low to no cost.

  1. Set aside enough time for goals

Any endeavour worth your while requires time, dedication and energy in order for it to succeed. Find a way to set aside ample time to attend meetings, trainings and searching for new contacts.

  1. Make effort to network

Networking may not come easy for some, especially with introverted professionals. However, with online networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, you don’t have to necessarily engage in face-to-face interactions just to further your network. Just remember to give your contacts something of value in return for their time and goodwill.

  1. Better manage your stress levels

If you’ve noticed that your primary source of stress comes from placing too much pressure on yourself, take a step back and refrain from placing the weight of the world on yourself. You simply can’t do everything at once. You can also try managing up if you’ve discovered that your main sources of stress are your boss and colleagues. Instead of being reactive from juggling what others throw at you, take your work by the horns and provide leadership, logical to-do lists and be upfront about projects. Set meetings, goals and agendas to thrive.

  1. Revamp your resume

How long ago was it when you updated or rewrote your resume? Apart from the usual format of chronologically listing down your accomplishments, previous job titles, skills and education and work experience, make sure your resume also explains a little about where you made a difference in your company. You don’t have to put in too much detail, but be sure to back up any successes with facts and examples.

  1. Sell your skills and talents better

If you’re not in a sales or sales-related job, you probably won’t be explaining your duties and roles very often. Talking about yourself and your accomplishments may be a little awkward, however in order to advance in your career, a little bravado is needed. Find ways to comfortably talk about yourself and what you can offer to the world – together with confident body language to take advantage of any potential opportunities.

  1. Improve your workplace relationships

If there’s one relationship at work where you should be constantly focused on, it’s your relationship with your direct boss or supervisor. Andy Teach, author of From Graduation to Corporation: The Practical Guide to Climbing the Corporate Ladder One Rung at a Time, suggests developing a strong professional relationship with your boss. Stay in touch throughout the day and anticipate his or her needs to improve your relationship. “Keep in mind that it’s in your best interest when the entire team looks good, not just you,” says Teach.

  1. Be prepared for change

After having a solid foundation in place to be successful, you’ll have to be ready to strike when the iron is hot. Be open to opportunities that would bring you to a better place in life. Start by being mentally and emotionally ready for a change so that you are sufficiently prepared when it happens.

If you stay on track with these smart resolutions even after the momentum of the New Year wears off, you’d be right on track with your career goals in life! Always assess your progress and determine if you need to tweak your to-do list.

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