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about-temp-staff-in-singapore-picWhy do companies employ temporary staff instead of permanent ones?

As companies seek to reduce their fixed overhead costs and yet meet peak demands, they are choosing to reduce the number of permanent staff to a level that can cope with the normal work load and they then supplement their staff with Temporary staff as and when work load dictates. This flexibility allows the employer to meet high peak demands without having to increase his fixed overhead.

What are the common type of industry hire these temporary staffs?

All industries are currently using temporary and contract staff to give them flexibility.

Do you require them to have a certain type of skill set? If yes, what are they?

The skills of the individual very much depends on the nature of the assignment. However the “most desired” quality needed in temp / contract staff is flexibility and initiative.

How much can they get on average? Is there any factors which will determine their market value?

The rates payable to staff can vary widely depending on the skills of the individual and the demands of the assignment. There are many factors influencing pay rates but a common requirement now is computer skills.

What kind of problems do you normally face with temporary staff in Singapore?

Lack of resource. Traditionally the temporary staff have been predominantly students working during their holidays or whilst studying for part time courses. There has been a lack of suitable candidates that are not students but are keen to wok on a temporary basis.Is there any distinctive difference between a temporary, contract and part-time staff?

We should not confuse Temp / contract staff with part timers. Part timers are categorized as those staff who work for only a limited number of hours per week. Temporary and Contract staff however can work as many hours and are entitled to the same benefits as permanent staff. The only difference between temporary and contract staff is that temps are hourly paid and tend to work on short term ad-hoc assignments where as contract staff tend to work on more defined time periods and are paid monthly.

Why do people choose temp jobs and who are these people?

In the majority of cases in Singapore it is the flexibility that attracts people to work on a temp basis, in particular for students and more mature employees such as mothers returning to work.

Do you think there is any career prospect for them?

Absolutely, employees can improve their skill and vary their experience by taking on temporary assignments which will broaden their sphere of experience making their skills more marketable.

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