Take Your Online Job Search Anywhere You Go

The term “mobile lifestyle,” one of the buzzwords of recent years, has quickly become obsolete. Mobility is no longer a lifestyle; it’s a necessity. A June 2012 Nielsen report revealed that 72% of phone users in Singapore are using smartphones as their primary means of communication, as well as organization of day-to-day activities, bank transactions, web surfing, emailing, and gaming. About the same time, a Black Box survey among 500 Singaporeans yielded results of 88% smartphone ownership, including 92% of those aged 25 to 39. At present, Singapore ranks number one in the world in smartphone penetration, at 54%.

Not surprisingly, the mobile revolution has spilled over into the job market. Jobseekers understand that the fast-paced, competitive nature of job-hunting necessitates 24/7 connectivity. They go online to check job openings while in transit, at the café, sitting on a park bench, and even at work. They know that the number of available architect jobs in Singapore can go from 20 to 10 in a matter of days; that an accounts assistant vacancy posted yesterday can be filled tomorrow; and that HR executives are constantly sifting through resumes and cover letters, searching for the right talents to fill their job vacancies.

To stay connected, Singaporean jobseekers, whether fresh grads looking for their first job or established professionals looking for something better, rely most on job portals like jobsDB.com.sg. A survey we conducted in April-May this year reveals that a hefty 85% of our respondents use job websites over printed classifieds in their job search.

Jobs posted in job portals are updated in real time. This likely accounts for their overwhelming popularity with jobseekers. They know that at any given time, what they see online is a good indication of what’s out there. In addition, they can post their resumes online, make them available to prospective employers, and update these at any given time.

If you’re still conducting your online job search strictly via your desktop computer, it’s time to move up to mobile. Visit jobsDB.com.sg from your mobile device today. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it will keep you at pace with the dynamic job market.

There’s better out there. Here’s where you find it.

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