Are You Suited for A Career in HR & Talent Management?

are-you-suited-for-hrThere is a vast ocean of opportunities in HR. Whether you want to work in a generalist role, or become a specialist in training and development, there are many ways a HR professional can take up to make a difference in the lives of others. Large companies often have huge HR departments where a myriad of responsibilities are shared across many positions. However, before you take your job search to online job portals or recruitment agencies, check to see if your character traits and skills match the requirements of this dynamic career path.

Professional no matter what

Very often during job interviews, HR job candidates spout the answer “I want to work in HR because I like people.” which is fine, considering the reputation HR has as the friendly arm of business. However, there are many occasions where seemingly unfriendly procedures have to be carried out like retrenchment and disciplinary processes. Hence, to be a good HR person, a great sense of professionalism is needed.

Are you a team player?

The wide spectrum of activities carried out by the HR means that being heavily involved in teamwork on a daily basis is required. Collaborative working with colleagues is a must for the entire company to be successful.

Do you have the skill to connect?

Granted, having an education in sociology and psychology or a field that promotes the understanding of people is beneficial; however a greater understanding of group dynamics and overall behaviour motivation can bring greater results.

Can you fix things?

Every company comes with its very own set of problems – no organisation is perfect. As a HR professional, are you able to diagnose what’s not working in the company and set it right? The challenges that HR teams try to surmount can be large and are definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Can you keep a secret?

Besides knowing everybody’s salaries, the boss’ plans to promote and/or demote as well as past experiences in the workplace (“Don’t tell the rest Tom’s got two warning letters”), having a career in HR and Talent Management demands integrity and confidentiality from the professional every single working day.

Education counts

Lastly, having a degree or certification in related majors such as business, sociology, psychology and social sciences can make it easier to find a career in HR. Nevertheless, there are many HR positions available, even in the future, and with the proper training and experience, you can join other HR professionals in a most satisfying and lucrative career.

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