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The old ways of the job hunting game have now changed. In order to survive, candidates must always be on their toes to stay ahead of the competition.

In a competitive job market like ours, this is a chance you shouldn’t let pass you by.

Our system works by giving priority to profiles according to relevance and freshness. Profiles containing the latest and most detailed information get seen first by hirers. Whether you are an active or a passive candidate, this is an opportunity not to be missed!

The process couldn’t be easier – just keep your profile updated and open for search and you are sure to get hirers to notice you. Be especially mindful of these areas in your profile (‘Work Experience’, ‘Qualifications’ and ‘Contact Information’) to make sure relevant hirers can easily get in touch with you.

A quick update to your profile can help you:

Receive job invites: Get direct invitations to apply for jobs from potential hirers who have assessed your profile and find you suitable for the role.
Easily apply to jobs: Search and apply for jobs from any device with a ready-made profile and resume anywhere, anytime.
Boost your chances of getting interviews: You can increase your chances of being spotted and shortlisted by employers by regularly keeping your profile updated. Likewise, highlighting your skills and achievements on your profile gets you the best matches and the most relevant jobs.


 How can you create and update your profile?

  • Become a jobsDB member (if you are not right now).
  • Follow the steps to customize your profile. Be sure to highlight your skills and achievements to let the profile work for you.
  • Set your privacy settings to “Standard” (employers can see your full profile) or “Limited” (employers can only see your summarized profile).


Already a member? Follow these steps to update your profile:

  • Login to your jobsDB account
  • Click the “MY JOBSDB” tab on the upper left corner
  • Click the “Profile” tab and update your information


Or click edit and save to indicate your profile is up to date.

Your update is successful when you see this

Increase your chances of getting hired. Create a jobsDB profile

Increase your chances of getting hired. Update your jobsDB profile