How to Start Your New Job on the Right Foot
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Entering a new workplace for your first day of work can be a nerve-wrecking experience regardless of whether it’s a part-time or full-time job in Singapore. As you strive to make a good first impression to everyone in the office while learning the ropes from your seniors, here are some tips to help you with your first few days at your new job:

  1. Relax, take things easy.

First day job insecurities can crop up whenever you feel that you don’t understand certain parts of your work. Relax – someone believes that you are the right choice for your job; you definitely belong where you are! Your teammates will understand that you won’t know everything during your first few days, so don’t beat up yourself too much.

  1. Dress up, but notice what else your colleagues are wearing

Keep up with making a great impression onto everyone – you’d probably be meeting someone new every day. Check that your clothes are always clean and your grooming, immaculate. Take a look at the unspoken dress code of your office – are your colleagues dressed to kill or casual and relaxed, even when it’s not Casual Friday? Gradually fit in with the style that’s appropriate for your role and office.

  1. Do your research

While getting on top of things during your first few weeks at work, make it your personal goal to do research on your company – read their newsletters, annual reports, press clippings and past collateral. Check out what your competitors are doing too, to get a better sense of what everyone is doing.

  1. Be helpful

When no one else seems to be interested in pitching in to help, be the one to chip in. Look for opportunities to make an impact, learn new things and solve problems. In fact, Facebook Chief Operating Officer (COO), Cheryl Sandberg hired a professional who asked her what her biggest problem was and how can it be solved. This person is currently the head of people operations at Facebook.

  1. Be grateful

Always show appreciation to colleagues who show you the ropes at work.

  1. Be positive and enthusiastic

A positive force at work is always an asset – people are attracted to positive people! Show your concern for making your team look good.

  1. Listen more when you’re a rookie

During your early days at work, resist the temptation to offer your comments or complaints at certain parts of your job. Listen first to what your co-workers have to say and teach you as they will give you an insight into the corporate culture. Instead, you can use this information to your advantage by adapting your style to fit in with the personalities at work.

  1. Make sure you and your boss are clear on your targets

To ensure that you and your boss are on the same page when it comes to your work, find out these three main things:

  1. Your priorities and the issues that need to be solved immediately
  2. How you will provide project/work updates and in what format and frequency
  3. How your performance at work will be evaluated

Being clear of what’s expected of you will give you a target to work with. With this baseline you can build a good foundation that in time will enable you to take on new responsibilities and exceed what’s expected of you in the future.

Following these suggestions while staying humble and connected with others can help you gain respect over time. Once you demonstrate your capabilities and be an active contributor to your firm’s mission, you’ll be able to become a valued member of your team and who knows what heights this can lead you to.

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