StarHub is Singapore’s fully-integrated info-communication company, offering a full range of information, communications and entertainment services for both consumer and corporate

StarHub operates Singapore’s fastest two-way 3.5G mobile network that delivers up to 14.4 Mbps for downlink (with HSPA+ coming soon) to complement its nation-wide GSM network, and an island-wide HFC network that delivers multi-channel cable TV services (including Digital Cable and High Definition Television) as well as ultra-high speed residential broadband services. StarHub also operates an extensive fixed business network that provides a wide range of data, voice and wholesale services.

Launched in 2000, StarHub has become one of Singapore’s most innovative info-communications providers, and the pioneer in ‘hubbing’ – the ability to deliver unique integrated and converged services to all its customers. StarHub is listed on the main board of the Singapore Exchange since October 2004 and is a component stock of the Straits Times Index.

We profile 4 talented StarHub staff here –

StarHub Vision To be Singapore’s first choice for information, communications and entertainment services.
StarHub Mission To provide every person, home and business in Singapore with world-class multimedia services and content
StarHub Core Values ExCITe: Excellence, Creativity, Integrity, Teamwork.
StarHub Branded Customer Experience Attributes Consistent, Intentional, Valuable, Differentiated
StarHub Service Promise “Your Experience, My Responsibility”

 Joshua Ngui Lei Kwong is the Marketing Communications Manager and he’s been with StarHub for 9 years.


Joshua, what is your job like at StarHub?

My main job scope involves leading a team in developing communication campaigns for StarHub TV. Our daily activities includes exciting work such as creating TV commercials, print advertisements, roadshows, websites among many others. Together with my team, we work with different groups of people from creative and media agencies, channel partners and event companies to roll out these campaigns.

What do you enjoy about your job?

I enjoy the creative process of bringing a marketing campaign to live. I always feel a sense of satisfaction to see the end product come to life either in the form of an advertisement, event or a TV commercial. I also enjoy working with some of the best people in the industry who are truly passionate about advertising.

What are some highlights/achievements in your job?

Some of the highlights include working on groundbreaking campaigns such as introducing High Definition TV and Digital Video Recorder in the TV arena. Winning numerous awards at advertising award shows like Hall Of Fame or EFFIES also reinforces the work we do within the communications industry.

Why is StarHub a great company to work at?

My bosses give me much latitude to express ideas and put forward plans that can make a difference. The great friendship and teamwork of team members from different departments are also the main reasons why StarHub is a great place to work at.

What are your future career goals that you would like to achieve at StarHub?

My future goals will be to strengthen my team and to always strive to produce even better communication campaigns that will lead to the long term growth of the StarHub brand.

May Wong Mui Yun is a Senior Broadcast Graphic Designer at the MSU department, and she’s been with StarHub for 5 years.

mayLMay, what is your job like at StarHub?

As a Senior Broadcast Graphic Designer in StarHub, my role is to perform graphic packaging for on-air promo trailers which inform our viewers of the timings and highlights of programmes aired on StarHub TV.

What do you enjoy about your job?

To me, designing motion graphic is something I enjoy doing on a daily basis. The process is like playing a game or going on an imaginative adventure. I work in an environment where there are no fixed rules or formula as creativity and the process of ‘thinking out of the box’ are very important.

Other than having fun at work, I do face certain challenges too. The most challenging part of this job is how to capture viewers’ attention using basic graphic elements such as shapes and colors to create a sequence of motion graphics and entice viewers to tune in to the programmes on our cable TV platform.

What are some highlights/ achievements in your job?

The major highlight of my job is when my effort is being recognised and appreciated not only by our local audiences but also by international and worldwide critics and judges when my works are shortlisted in various major competitions. This biggest highlight definitely was the awards and prizes that I have won in the past few years.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to my immediate supervisor and colleagues for their trust and support. I would not have been able to win the awards without their guidance and assistance.

Why is StarHub a great company to work at?

StarHub shows care and concern for every employee. This is evident from its comprehensive medical benefits, staff welfare schemes, personal skills upgrading opportunities and simple gestures such as providing fruits to its employees to promote healthy living.

What are your future career goals that you would like to achieve at StarHub?

There is always room for me to improve my skills. I would always strive to achieve more in my job and consistently set high standards for my work.

Santosh Kumar Rai is a Shop Manager in the Consumer Sales Department, and he’s been with StarHub for 8 years.

Santosh, what is your job like at StarHub? I work as a Shop Manager and I am responsible for the daily operational issues for two StarHub shops located at Plaza Singapura and OUB Centre.

raiLWhat do you enjoy about your job? There are many aspects of this job which I enjoy such as:

Challenges – This job throws challenges and trains me how to overcome difficult situations. In the process, I have learnt how to be assertive, responsive and creative.

Learning – I learn something new about my job everyday and this has allowed me to gain much knowledge and experience.

People – It is very important that you work with the right group of people. I am very fortunate that my superiors and colleagues whom I work with are supportive and they are always around to guide me when the need arises.

What are some highlights/achievements in your job?

StarHub recognises my efforts. I joined StarHub as a Sales Executive in August 2000. After which, I was promoted to Senior Sales Executive and then to Floor Manager in 2003. Subsequently, I got promoted to Shop Manager in July 2006.

Why is StarHub a great company to work at?

StarHub is a growing company and every single employee has equal opportunities to grow with it. I strongly feel that I will continue to grow as an individual and learn more during my course of work in StarHub.

What are your future career goals that you would like to achieve at StarHub?

My immediate career goal is to succeed in the new management role which I have just taken on.

Valerie Teo Siew Eng is a Customer Service Manager and she’s been with StarHub for 9 years.


Valerie, what is your job like?

My job is all about people. 80% of my time is spent communicating with people who include subordinates, superiors, interviewees as well as internal and external customers.

What do you enjoy about your job?

I enjoy interacting with different types of people and working with a group of dynamic colleagues in our call centre.

What are some highlights/achievements in your job?

I am actively involved in the recruitment process. Hence identifying and recruiting the right people to take on the customer service jobs and seeing them grow and develop during their stay with us is definitely one of the most fulfilling aspects of my job.

On top of that, StarHub provides opportunities for our staff to be cross-trained and it is my responsibility to set up alignment processes between the various Customer Service teams.

One of my most recent projects was to set up the outbound team that involved merging of agents from the Cable and Mobile teams. It was definitely challenging during the initial stage as I had to bring together two teams from different cultures and train them to work harmoniously and effectively as a team. Today, this team has developed into an independent cross-functional support team for Cable and Mobile products/services.

My portfolio also includes managing the Relationship Management team – a special task force that offers personalised and superior services to the VIP customers of StarHub. In 2007, the team has received commendations and office referrals from investors and directors for excellent services rendered.

Why is StarHub a great company to work at?

It has to be the dynamic environment, plus the great and creative people I get to work with. I develop a new interest at work everyday and perhaps this is the reason why I have been with StarHub for almost a decade.

What are your future career goals that you would like to achieve at StarHub?

I hope I can continue to groom and develop people to their fullest potential. At the same time, I want to create a more conducive working environment that encourages open communication and greater involvement among our staff in our daily operations. Most importantly, I hope to attract and retain people in StarHub.

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