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Typically, after an interview, a candidate would either wait for the hiring company to call or they would follow up to check whether the hiring company has come to a decision, but how many people actually send a thank-you note after the interview? Few, in fact, and you should make it a point to remember this small detail because it will set you apart from the rest of the candidates.

The fact that the hiring manager took time from his/her packed schedule to interview you is enough reason for you to be thankful. By verbalizing your gratitude with a thank-you note, you make the hiring manager feel appreciated and this will increase your favourable impression with him/her. Ultimately, whether you get the job or not, a favourable impression has been made, an impression that may pave the way for future opportunities.

A thank-you note also allows you the opportunity to further promote yourself to the hiring company. During the interview, you may have missed out on some of your achievements. A thank-you note is how you can bring these achievements to the hiring company’s attention. Furthermore, after the interview you should get a better idea of the hiring manager, company and even culture, and you should relay that understanding across to him/her. Basically, it is a chance for you to send in a better “pitch” for yourself.

The next question that may be playing in your head is: what format should your thank-you note be in? A handwritten card definitely shows your sincerity, but may betray excess. With the advancement of technology and the speed at which the working community operates, an e-mail is the most suitable format for the purpose. You may also convey your gratitude via a phone call. Whichever method you choose, remember to do it within 24 hours after the interview.


Sample format of a thank-you note

Dear Mr./ Ms. <Surname of hiring manager / interviewer>,

First paragraph – This is where you can thank him/her for taking the time to interview you. You can talk about the things you like about the office, company, position you applied for, and even the interview session itself. Include observations you’ve made or mentioned during the interview, which shows your level of interest for the position and process.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking time off from your busy schedule for the interview earlier on. I am glad you gave me the chance to understand the job and work environment better. Your knowledge in this field is impressive and it has been a pleasure learning more about you and the company through the interview.

Second paragraph – Here, you can “pitch” yourself again – let them know you are the most suitable candidate for the position. If you have any achievement relevant to the position that you have failed to mention during the interview, this is your chance to share it.

With my experience and expertise, I have confidence that I would be able to bring up the sales numbers for the team. It would be an honour to exchange my past experience with the team so that we can work out a strategy together.

Third paragraph – The last part is where you show your enthusiasm for working with them and the company.

I believe it would be great working with you and the team. Thank you for giving me the opportunity and looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,                                                                                                                                                    

Your name


There is bound to be competition for every vacant position, so in order to stand out from the former, extra effort is necessary. A simple thank-you note does not take that much of an effort, but it has all the potential of being the key that secures you the job offer you have been hoping for.

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