Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines has grown from a regional airline into one of the world’s leading carriers. We have a young, efficient fleet, staff attuned to quality, and a top-ranked travel gateway, Singapore‘s Changi Airport, at the centre of our extensive route network. Our history, our country, and our customers all contribute to our success and our future.sia-02

Our Fleet

True to our pioneering spirit, Singapore Airlines is the first Airline to put the world’s largest aircraft, the Airbus A380 into commercial service.




Singapore Airlines’ subsidiaries include SilkAir, the regional wing of Singapore Airlines, Tradewinds Tour and Travel, as well as the industrial giants SIA Engineering Company, SIA Cargo, and SATS.

The companies provide value-added services to our offerings and to our commitment to quality service throughout the world.






Iris, what does it take to become a Singapore Airlines cabin crew?

To excel as a Singapore Airlines cabin crew, first and foremost, it is important to have a great passion for service and to be people-oriented.

In addition, it is good to possess self-discipline, eagerness to learn, be humble and highly adaptable. I also feel that knowledge of different languages/cultures is very helpful for us to understand our multi-national customers.

What are the benefits of being a Singapore Airlines cabin crew?

I enjoy interacting with customers from different nationalities, cultures and ages. They come from all walks of life and it is truly interesting interacting with them.

I love travelling, so I feel privileged to be able to work in an industry that allows me to travel all over the world. I am happy to be able to immerse in different cultures and savour the local delights in different countries and cities.

What is unique about being a Singapore Airlines cabin crew?

Clad in the distinctive sarong kebaya designed by Parisian couturier Pierre Balmain, a Singapore Airlines cabin crew is a global icon that symbolises Asian warmth and hospitality. She is caring, attentive and provides sincere service that is beyond customers’ expectations. The Singapore Girl is so well recognized that she is, in fact, the first commercial figure to be featured in Madam Tussaud’s wax museum in 1993.

What is the career path for a Singapore Airlines cabin crew?

After a comprehensive almost four-month training course, Singapore Airlines’ cabin crew start by operating on board as Flight Stewardess/ Steward. Their promotion to higher ranks would be dependant on various factors, including good performance and dedication to work. Flight Stewardess/Steward will be promoted to Leading Stewardess/Steward, followed by the rank of Chief Stewardess/Steward and then, In-flight Supervisor.

Apart from working as a cabin crew, there are also opportunities to work as a trainer to teach and impart their knowledge and experience to the junior crew at the SIA Training Centre.

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