Serna-Leong Phua,

Director of Accommodation Services

My job involves:

Implementing policies, procedures and training of our Accommodation Services team members for all the hotels in Resorts World™ Sentosa.

Resorts World Sentosa is implementing Singapore’s very first system of RFID-enabled uniforms for staff. This helps us track and efficiently manage uniforms.

What inspired me to join:

I’ve previously worked in many diverse industries such as healthcare and real estate, and I believe that they are a useful lead-up to my current role as Director of Accommodation Services at Resorts World™ Sentosa. Every day at Resorts World™ Sentosa is enriching and I value the new and positive learning experiences.

Why it’s great working here:

Anyone who is looking for a rewarding career in the Integrated Resorts industry should definitely consider Resorts World’ Sentosa.

There are so many different job positions to choose from and you???ll always be provided with opportunities to upgrade yourself and move up in your career.What I’m excited about:

At Resorts World™ Sentosa, we will have a total of six hotels, each with its own unique theme. Our first four will be opening next year.Festive Hotel is very family-oriented and has child-friendly rooms furnished with loft beds for children.

Crockfords™ Towers caters for all our high-rollers with private gaming rooms, lavish suites, pampering hospitality and the finest cuisines. Hotel Michael is a boutique hotel that is designed by award winning American architect Michael Graves, while Hard Rock Hotel offers the “Rock & Roll rock stars” experience. Such vast diversity of jobs within a resort is rarely seen and I urge job-seekers to join us in remaking Singaporevs hospitality landscape.


Albert Lim, Director of Operations

My job involves:

Planning and managing the pre-opening process of Resorts World™ Sentosa’s six unique hotels and ensuring a smooth flow during this very crucial time – just a few more months before our opening.

This includes looking into construction requirements, setting up the procurement lists for hotel furniture, supervising furniture delivery into hotels and eventual fit-out of the hotel rooms.

What inspired me to join:

I’ve been in the hotel line for over 18 years, so joining Resorts World™ Sentosa is very exciting for me as I get the opportunity to be a part of history. Furthermore, overseeing 6 hotels on such an unprecedented scale will also be a good opportunity for me to challenge myself to achieve greater excellence in my skills and experience.

Why it’s great working here & who’re we looking out for:

Here at Resorts World™ Sentosa, although we are a world-class resort destination, we enjoy a work environment that encourages all our team members to go beyond their required duties and responsibilities, and reach out to lend a helping hand to each other – this is very inspiring and gives me the drive to work harder and set a good example for my staff to follow.

To facilitate our hiring needs, we are looking for assistant housekeepers, butlers, bellman and doormen to join us in our hotels.

What I’m excited about:

Our staff strength is growing at a good pace and everything is well on track for the opening of our first four hotels in Resorts World™ Sentosa next year.

Again, it’s going to be a most exciting journey and experience, as we head into what would arguably be Asia’s most wonderful resort destination.


Heidi Huang, Hotel Manager- Crockfords™ Towers

My job involves:

Managing all aspects of Crockfords™ Towers, this is an all-suite hotel at Resorts World™ Sentosa that overlooks the hustle and bustle of FestiveWalk, the Singapore harbour and the Southern Islands.

Crockfords™ Towers caters exclusively for all our high roller guests at the Casino. These are our extremely important guests who have a significant playing history and enjoy playing with higher stakes at the casino.

What inspired me to join:

I have been working in the gaming industry in Macau before joining Resorts World™ Sentosa.

I’m confident that my experience, drive and passion will help to create the right environment at Crockfords™ Towers to best serve our high roller guests, so much so that they visit – and stay with us – time and again.

Why it’s great working here & what I’m excited about:

This is an incredible opportunity to be a part of something so significant in Singapore’s hospitality industry, and Crockfords™ Towers is right in the heart of the action, setting the benchmark for exclusive warmth and hospitality for all guests.

Who’re we looking out for:

As part of our preparations for our opening next year, we are looking to hire butlers to provide professional service for our high rollers.

The butler role at Crockfords™ Towers is unlike any butler role elsewhere. Our butlers will be given full access to provide personalized service to the high rollers – from welcome setup, restocking the minibar, turndown – basically attending to all our high rollers’ needs; our butlers will be the embodiment of world-class customer service. I personally think that this is going to be an extremely fulfilling job.


Peter Wong, Hotel Manager – Hard Rock Hotel

My job involves:

Managing the daily running of the Hard Rock Hotel at Resorts World™ Sentosa. I also oversee various aspects of the hotel such as the Front Office, Rooms, F & B, Housekeeping, and Maintenance.

What inspired me to join:

I’ve been in the hotel line previously, so I see this as a perfect progression in my career. I’m passionate about the hospitality industry and for Hard Rock Hotel to be a part of Resorts World™ Sentosa makes my job all the more special and eventful.

Why it’s great working here:

The Hard Rock Hotel service maxim is ‘sophisticated chic’, and we aim to provide our guests with a friendly, casual but always professional level of service.

At Hard Rock Hotel, we do things a little differently, and to use an analogy from Rock & Roll and Hollywood, we treat all our guests like celebrities and give them the celebrity treatment as well!

Among the team members, we also use unique terms in our daily communications like ‘setup stage’ to refer to occupancy, and ‘sound check’ for the VIP list, adding to the whole music culture and atmosphere at Hard Rock Hotel.

Who’re we looking out for:

At Hard Rock Hotel, we always value individuality in our staff. We are currently looking for energetic and fun people to join us as bellmen. Flexible, warm and outgoing personalities are always welcome to join the Hard Rock Hotel family! Where else in Singapore can you find work that is about having fun at the same time?