Redwoods Advance: A Back-to-Basics Success Story

Outsourced sales and marketing functions involve talent management  where coaching, mentorship and trainings help realise potential and inculcate a drive to excel.

With Redwoods Advance’s portfolio of projects and clientele, it is but to say that people that make up this team are imbued with this sense of hardwork, passion commitment and excellence on many levels in their business. In their roster of clients are organisations specialising in such diverse fields as Telecommunications, Banking services, NGOs, conferences and Cable TV.

The secret behind this success: a set of core principles that goes back to the basics.

Complete Integrity and Honesty

In hiring people, Redwoods places more emphasis on character and willingness to learn than on educational background and credentials.

When asked what he looks for in job candidates, Adrian Chua, Managing Director of Redwoods Advance, was quick to reply, “Real and genuinely sincere [people], those who would tell you where they are good at and admit where they aren’t.”

Andy Tan, Managing Director of the FT Group under Redwoods Organisation, cites the importance of “honest but tactful conversation with… people,” and shares this advice: “Listen to your trainer and your people and take their advice into consideration before making any decision.”

Passion for Our People and What We Do

A highly people-oriented organisation, Redwoods believes in giving their personnel nothing less than their full support. To keep their people happy and productive, they maintain an atmosphere that is both professional and fun.

Asked about his leadership style, Adrian Chua said: “Like your people, and they will like you. Look after them and they will look after you. Always have a genuine interest [in] others, and over time people [will] feel it too.”

Jovin Chia De Wei, Assistant Manager, on the skills/ qualities needed to succeed in Redwoods: “[an] understanding of how people think and effectively dealing and managing people of various backgrounds”

According to Rodney Tan, Managing Director of the SMV Marketing Group under Redwoods Organisation, the Redwoods office “is a fun environment to work in. We believe in a friendly and fun learning environment.”

Andy Tan, when asked what it takes to move up in management, shared, “People before self, and treat them as your assets.”

Leadership by Example

Nothing earns a leader respect better than being a living example of the values he stresses.

Adrian Chua, when asked about the core value of a winning team, replied, “[My] first week in the company, I was taught to lead by example. This is a very important aspect as others will take it as a benchmark; not just on work relation, but it is also applicable in many other areas such as parenting, sports, etc.”

He further shared that he is the “key driver and inspiration for the company. I see myself as a source of inspiration and drive to set initiatives to help the business develop and grow.”

Rodney Tan demonstrates his willingness to go the extra mile when he shares, “There are certain days in the week I perform HR functions wherein I interview candidates to be trained.”

Continuous Improvement for Excellence

Redwoods Advance understands that in today’s highly competitive business world, constant improvement is key to success. Adrian Chua shares this important advice to aspiring business owners: “Improve yourself to attract good people in to your company.  Do self-improvement activities like networking, watching motivational video or read self improvement books.”

In keeping with the goal of continuously improving, Redwoods Advance holds regular activities that are a combination of fun and team building, with the goal in mind of keeping the company strong. Sports activities, group dinners at choice restaurants, and games keep the team cohesive in a relaxed atmosphere, and energize them to face the challenges that lie ahead.


Name: Adrian Chua Current position: Managing Director of Redwoods Advance Years of Working with Redwoods: 10 years Dream job: I wanted to be a pilot or a world football player! If wishes come true…
  •  I will buy 5 properties around Asia
  • I will bring my beautiful wife to Venice
  • Take my family and mischievous son, Ashton to Tokyo Disneyland… and having Ashlyn.
Name: Andy Tan Current position: Managing Director of FT Group under Redwoods Organisation Years of Working with Redwoods: 4 years Interests: I love gaming! I usually use my leisure time to play online games. 3 words that describe you: Persistent Driven Optimistic (win-win mentality) Name: Rodney Tan Current position: Managing Director of SMV Marketing Group under Redwoods Organisation Years of Working with Redwoods: 4.5 years Favourite thing about Redwoods: Face to face interaction with people, being part of the training and growth of people in my team. Interests: Sports- football and badminton. Dream job: I wanted to be a Policeman, teacher or businessman! Name: Jovin Chia Hong Xuan Current position: Assistant Manager directly reporting to Adrian Years of Working with Redwoods: 4years Favourite thing about Redwoods: Team spirit and welfare for its people! Interests: Gaming! My favourite thing to do during my free time is finding good food across the country to eat! Words that describe you: Competitive, hardworking (I was born in the year of the OX!)

The Redwoods Organisation, winner of the Marketing Office of the year in 2010, has a total of 4 training centres and 10 offices in Singapore, and continues to grow in both size and strength. Redwoods Advance has 800 associate offices in 26 countries, with thousands of full-time personnel trained in sales and promotional work, client account management, market intelligence and brand awareness