Recruiting the Ideal Candidates


Looking for talent? The smartest employers, who hire the best people, recruit a pre-qualified candidate pool of potential employees before they need to fill a job. You can develop relationships with potential candidates long before you need them. As they said – Dig your well, before you’re thirsty.

Read on to discover best ways to develop your talent pool and recruit employees.


Recruiting your ideal candidate

A job description that tells the potential employees the exact requirements of the position is useful. Even more useful is the process you use to develop the job description internally and the behavioural characteristics of your ideal candidate. Assemble a team of people who represent the best qualities of the people who currently hold the same or similar position.

Develop a job description that delineates the key responsibilities and outputs of the position. Define the behavioural characteristics of the person you feel is your ideal candidate. Finally list your key responsibilities and characteristic you will use to screen resumes, perform phone screens and eventually, establish the questions for the candidates you interview.


Tap your employees’ networks

Spread word of mouth information about the position availability to employees so they can constantly look out for superior candidates in their network of friends and associates.

In this era of online social and professional networking, you and your employees are instantly connected to hundreds of potential candidates. Make sure you publicize your interest in employee referrals. In some companies, employee referrals are rewarded with cash bonuses.


Leverage on your website

Are you one of the ones who just post typical, dryly-written job listings about available positions on your company’s site? Do you include your company’s vision, mission, values and culture?

Do you express your commitment to quality and customer service? Do you present a message about how people are valued in your company? If you answer no to these questions, you are missing out on one of the most important recruiting tools you have to appeal to prospective high-potential employees.

Your job listings must sparkle with the company’s personality so a potential candidate can relate to the company and think, “This organization is for me.” Now that you have captured their attention, you also need to provide a way for candidate to easily submit their resumes for future consideration.


Recruit using Internet

Learn how to use the Internet to find and attract great candidates. You can tap on social media networks to post job vacancies. You can consider posting your job listing on online job portals – an example as such would be It’s Integrated Sourcing solution is ready to provide you with the means to post jobs, manage resumes and applications, and also search for talents.


Maintain contact with interested candidates

Don’t let these potential employees submit their resumes and never hear from you again. Follow-up all website submissions with a greeting that thanks the individual for their interest in the company. Enable interested candidates to subscribe to the company newsletter and consider writing a mini-newsletter for them.


Recruiting the right employees means publicity

Here’s a bonus thought about recruiting great employees: The publicity your organization receives in the news media, on print, on television, radio and online is tremendously important for recruiting. An interesting article or a piece of your mission that reflects your organization in a favourable light, will result in potential employees coming to you. This is the best way of all to find great potential employees for your candidate pool.



Source: Unsplash (image)