How to Really Set Your Resolution for 2015

The New Year is exciting – a fresh start and so full of possibilities! You want to do better, and you’re ready to take on the challenge of improving yourself. So you create resolutions – this year you’re going to keep them all, you promise yourself – and the list goes on and on. You need to lose weight, you need to find a job before graduation, you need to be less of a failure…

But as the year passes, your resolve softens. You forget the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Don’t let that happen in 2015. The key is to focus on creating one resolution. Just one.

The human brain only has only so much willpower. By creating a list of things you want to change about yourself, your self-discipline is stretched thin, prohibiting you from achieving every goal you have. Instead, choose and stick to one resolution for 2015.

But how are you going to choose just one? Identify a part of your life that you are most willing to change. Want to lose weight but can’t find the time to exercise? Well, it will end up as another resolution that you wouldn’t be able to keep.

To set a realistic goal, you’ll first have to think about what you want happening differently and how you’ll go about making that work. Form a game plan, from the new habits you need to form to the new routines you need to start.

Think about the details, and create a goal with a tangible outcome. Instead of “I want to find a better job”, define it further by adding specifics. For example, “I want to find a job that allows me to learn how to code in HTML, CSS and PHP by the end of the year.”

Ready to set your resolution for 2015? We’ve provided a printable for you below. Click to download, and start typing away (yes, the PDF allows you to type)! Keep it somewhere in sight so you’ll be reminded of it throughout the year.




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