Are You Ready for a Career Change This 2016?


New Year. New opportunities. New career perhaps?


The start of another year presents a great opportunity for everyone to reassess their current situation and take the first necessary steps to making a change. For employees, there is no greater time to reconsider your position and commitment towards your current career than at the turn of another year. After all, the start of a new year is a really ideal time to look for another job. Not only are you fresh with enthusiasm; job opportunities are also plenty.

If you are setting your sight on getting another job or making a big career change this 2016, the last thing you want to do is to be hasty in making such decisions. Make sure that you are making the right move by taking a moment to consider the statements below.

These statements, which also serve as indicators of job dissatisfaction, will help you examine your current situation in a way that will also affirm the things you want in your next career.

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Your salary is not enough to cover your financial needs.

It’s best to start with the most obvious one. Remember, even if your work isn’t easy, it should be financially rewarding.


You often feel depleted after your day at the office.

The extended hours in the office are taking its toll on you. Even if you don’t want to admit it, your body is slowly showing signs. You feel physically and mentally exhausted that you become almost incapable of doing anything else at the end of the day. The kind of stress and exhaustion you suffer goes well beyond the workplace. It has come to the point where the relationship you maintain with family and friends becomes affected.


It is increasingly difficult for you to stay focused and motivated.

You have lost your drive to do anything work-related. You’ve reached a major slump which makes it increasingly difficult for you to get out of bed and go to work every day. Your enthusiasm towards your job is at an all time low and you find yourself constantly distracted at the office by things other than work.


Your job is holding you back from doing other important things.

You have postponed or cancelled a lot of plans because of your job. Actually, it may have even arrived to the point where you stop making plans altogether. You have sacrificed significant aspects of your personal life in the name of being an outstanding employee. Now, you realise that your job is getting in the way of your own happiness and in achieving your full potential.


You find yourself compromising your values because of your job.

Work requires compromises, there’s no doubt about that. There are times when you need to make difficult decisions in order to become successful in your chosen career path. However, every decision you make should still be consistent with the values you uphold. If you constantly find yourself going against the principles you believe in, then maybe the job you have is not the right one for you.


Your efforts are constantly devalued by your superiors and colleagues.

You are afraid to be honest with your superiors or colleagues because you know that your ideas are bound to be rejected. It also becomes increasingly difficult for you to value your work because the effort that you put into doing it is never appreciated. This will cause you to slowly draw back from your job and your colleagues until you eventually become disengaged. Your boss either fails to notice your disengagement or may notice it but chooses not to act upon it – both of which will make you feel even more devalued.


You no longer find opportunities to develop professionally.

Career advancement should always be on top of every employee’s checklist. Advancing your career means pushing yourself to do more, exceeding expectations and getting out of your comfort zone. Career growth should also be reinforced by various training and professional development opportunities provided by your company. Any kind of work that limits your potential or hampers your professional advancement needs to be reconsidered.


How many of these statements do you relate to? Of course, checking one or two does not automatically mean that you are ready for a career change, but it may point out areas of dissatisfaction that could be improved in your current situation.

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One important thing that you need to know about having an unfulfilling career is that you have all the power to change it. You are completely in charge of your career so there’s no excuse for you to stay dissatisfied. However, before deciding to switch careers, it is essential for every employee to understand what’s making them unsatisfied. Take as much time as you need to assess your current situation so you won’t end up with the same problems the moment you decide take on a new career.