Any Questions Before You Sign the Contract?

It looks just like what you’ve been searching for. The right job, the right company, the right salary, all the earmarks of a dream job. And they want you to fill that vacancy. All you have to do is sign your name on the contract. Now you can stop looking through the ads for jobs in Singapore, and finally settle into your new job.questions-before-you-sign

Not so fast. It may be the moment you’ve been waiting for, to be able to place your signature on a contract with your dream company’s logo on it. But the details of Singapore jobs vary from company to company. You need to dig a little deeper. If you don’t find out all the details you should know, you might end up missing on other better opportunities. Ask the following questions first.

May I have a copy of the contract, and the benefits package?

Don’t hesitate to ask for a copy of your contract. Take your time studying it. Take it home if you have to. Most companies allow that. And remember that your compensation package isn’t just about the salary. You need to know what allowances, leaves, insurance packages, and other benefits you’ll be entitled to.

When should I give you my answer?

Sitting opposite the manager who wants you to be part of his team, you might feel a bit intimidated and pressured. Relax. Ask the manager when you should give your response, and use his answer as your timeline to think it over. As you study the deal, you might come up with other questions you’d like to ask.

If I accept the job, when will I start?

This is important, because you may have some commitments to keep with your present employer, or personal commitments with family and friends. If the manager gives a date that’s not feasible for you, see if you can negotiate. Just be sure to be reasonable. Asking for a one-month extension is a bit too much. One or two weeks should be about the maximum.

What sort of schedule will I be keeping?

Know the company’s time-in and time-out policies. Also, you should know how much time, if any, you will be spending away from the office, meeting clients, visiting branches, etc. In connection with this, you should know if you will be provided with a transportation budget and other representational allowances.

Is the salary offer negotiable?

Unless you’re already satisfied with the offer, don’t be afraid to negotiate your salary. And don’t ask only one person. Ask the HR Manager first. If he says no, don’t give up just yet. Ask the manager as well. Now, if he also gives a “no,” then you have to accept that as the final answer. It’s then up to you to decide if you’ll take the offer or look for other options.

Will the things I requested during the interview be granted?

You may have made certain requests during your interview, like flexible working hours, the chance to work from home on certain days, or a strictly predetermined set of annual vacation leave dates. Find out if these requests are granted. If the answer is yes, you could request that these be stipulated in your contract. If the answer is no, you might want to consider looking at other options.

If the answers you get to these questions suddenly make you think of looking into other jobs Singapore might have for you, that will be your cue that you shouldn’t sign that contract. And it will also be an indication that maybe this wasn’t your dream job after all.

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