Putting Fun into the Workplace


If we ask you to describe your workplace, would you use “fun”? Not very likely. And as an employer, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t foster an atmosphere of enjoyment in the office. In fact, making your office a great place for employees to be can help you increase productivity!

Be a positive influence

A positive, appreciative attitude has a way of creating an environment that boosts morale. Show your appreciation for your team’s output, always give encouraging remarks, and you’ll inspire positivity in them. A positive atmosphere makes it easier for people to enjoy what they’re doing. 

Have a sense of humour

Difficult tasks, tight deadlines, and unreasonable clients contribute to workplace stress. Complaining won’t help to ease any tension either. Instead, approach such high-stress situations with humour. Smile through difficulties. Share a joke with the team to lighten the mood. Wherever a light-hearted atmosphere is created, work becomes easier. 

Keep the lines of communication open

Building strong relationships starts with good communication. Try to engage each of your coworkers in friendly conversation to build trust and confidence within the team. Try not to be judgmental of those who keep to themselves. You may find that your shy colleagues are actually very easy to get along with. 

Give them stress relievers

Consider investing in a “stress-relief room,” a quiet spot where employees can get away from the pressures of work, relax over drinks and even de-stress over some toys. If this is not an option, at least allow your team members a little time off during office hours to gather their wits and relax. They may come back later refreshed and with great ideas. 

Celebrate your wins

Let your team members know that you appreciate their efforts by celebrating with them whenever they score a success. Of course, the bigger the win, the grander the celebration should be. For modest wins, a free lunch for everyone will suffice. For major wins, you can hold a party in the office or a restaurant function room. Such celebrations make employees feel appreciated, and happier. 

In the end, remember that there’s no harm in injecting fun to the office. On the contrary, when your team members have fun, they become more productive. And that, as we like to say, is the bottom line.


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