How to Prevent a Workplace Meltdown

No one knows a bad day at work more than the Brazilian World Cup team. After Germany scored five goals in a matter of 30 minutes, the players weren’t the only ones disheartened – many fans supporting Brazil looked like they were about to burst into tears. Well, team captain David Luiz actually did while speaking on live television.

While we thought his response seemed fairly appropriate for one of the biggest losses in World Cup history, meltdowns like this in the workplace are not. In fact, it might even be damaging to your career.

A combination of stressful moments in and out of work can make a person snap and act in a way he or she normally wouldn’t. How can you keep your cool even when everything seems to be going wrong? We show you how to prevent a workplace meltdown.

Talk about it

Find a person you can talk to about your frustrations and challenges. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a co-worker – if you can find a listening ear in a friend, by all means, do so.

Talking about it will help you blow off some steam. Sometimes, it can even give you a new perspective about your situation. However, if your frustrations have repercussions on your team mates, you should include your supervisor in this discussion. Don’t be afraid to be honest as this is one chance to speak up about your concerns.

Manage your workload

When your workload gets overwhelmingly heavier and you’re sure you wouldn’t be able to manage it, ask for help. Especially when you know that the work distribution is uneven and you’re getting the brunt of it.  

Your co-workers and manager might not even be aware of this issue. Talk to them. They’re your team mates, after all. What’s a team if no one helps each other?

Take a break

One of the most harmful things you can do when you’re already stretched thin is to skip breaks. Yes, you’ve got a mountain-like pile of work on your desk that you have to complete by the end of the day. But taking a break gives you a moment to decompress. When you return to your desk, you’ll feel more refreshed and ready to tackle your work head-on.

Go outside the office or somewhere quiet where you can be alone with your thoughts for a while. Remove yourself from all the pressures of your workplace and just relax.


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