Points to note before your job change

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You are unhappy at work and have been looking around for job openings. You’re thinking of taking the leap to make the change. But before you submit your resignation letter, it is wise to consider your situation and available opportunities.


Take your personal circumstances into consideration

Switching jobs can be a big change in your life, so think it through whether you have the ability to make the change, given the stage of life you are in now. It would not be the most ideal time to switch jobs if you are going through other major moments in life, such as getting married or pregnancy. Handle one major moment at a time to avoid adding unnecessary stress to yourself.

Think about your financial status. It would be better to have a job offer before you make the change if that job is your only source of income so that you do not need to worry about daily expenses and still get to maintain your current lifestyle. If you do not have a new job offer, seriously consider whether your savings are enough to tide you over unemployment and for how long.

Think through your job situation

Discover the reason(s) why you want a job change. Is it from the lack of work satisfaction or room for your advancement? Then work out whether any solution is available.

Discuss with your boss all the concerns you have that he/she may advise you on the options available within the company. That may not work if it is your boss or the company that you are having difficulties with, so consider reaching out to those you are close to for input. This allows you to look at your situation from different viewpoints and may shed insights that you have not considered before.

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