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- There’s something about OBS that stays with you for life! -OBS

OBS is Singapore’s leading organisation providing outdoor education and adventure learning programmes to help people realise their full potential. Since 1967, more than 250,000 people have benefited from their journey of self-discovery at OBS and emerged stronger both mentally and physically.

Through expeditions and outdoor activities, participants acquire new skills and a sense of adventure, develop the tenacity to overcome challenges as a team and broaden their perspectives. For many, the lessons learnt at OBS have sparked a new journey in life. As a member of the global Outward Bound network, OBS ranks as one of the best in facilities, training expertise and safety.

OBS operates from two centres on Pulau Ubin. A third centre is situated at East Coast Park. Together, these three centres see more than 23,000 people, comprising children, youth and adults, passing through each year.

Vivian Lau and Muchsin Dahalan, both Outward Bound Instructors, share more about their rewarding and exciting jobs.

Vivian Lau

Training Consultant (OB Professional) for Corporate Training Department

vivianLWhat inspired you to join Outward Bound Singapore?

Prior to joining OBS, I was previously working in a call centre for 8 years. While exploring my options for a career change, I chanced upon the OBS website one day and decided to give it a shot and apply to become an OBS Instructor.

I felt that the job would be ideal for me as it enabled me to work with people in an exciting outdoor environment, and learning about exciting activities like rock climbing, ropes confidence, kayaking, and much more.

The transition to become an OBS instructor was tough at first, but with the encouragement from my peers and instructors, I was determined to overcome the challenges and succeed.

What’s it like being an OBS instructor?

I’ve been enjoying my job since I started two years ago. It’s really rewarding to work with students from different age groups who come to OBS for adventure camps, and I get a great sense of achievement when I see them develop their self-confidence to overcome the different obstacles through teamwork and by motivating each other. In the process of teaching, mentoring and guiding the students, I have also become a better communicator and a more resilient person myself.

Recently, I was transferred to the corporate training department, also known as OB Professional. My job scope now involves planning and conducting specially tailored adventure sessions / camps for our corporate clients. It’s very interesting and has helped me to further develop my skill sets as an OBS instructor.

What’s your tip for people keen to become an OBS Instructor?

I would encourage them to have a clear idea of what they want to achieve in this job, as it’s much more than just the sun, sand and the sea. Being an OBS Instructor requires a lot of commitment from them, but at the same time, it’s a very rewarding and special job that will definitely be a life-changing experience for both themselves and their trainees.

Muchsin Dahalan
Deputy Head (OB Youth) for Global Programs
muchsinLWhat inspired you to join Outward Bound Singapore?

I remember going for two Outward Bound camps when I was a teenager, and got really hooked since then! Later on, I knew that being an Outward Bound Instructor was a career that I would seriously consider.

After my National Service in 1993, I enrolled with Outward Bound Singapore to go for an Overseas Youth Programme in Hong Kong.

It consisted of a sea diploma program that involved sailing from Hong Kong to the Philippines, and back. It was an amazing experience sailing over the South China Sea and that’s when I developed my love for sailing and all water sports as well.

After the programme ended, I (took on the challenge) to become an Outward Bound Instructor, and fast forward to thirteen years later, here I am still enjoying my job tremendously! I was actually at a career crossroad initially, as I was deciding whether to become a teacher, having studied electrical engineering, or to join Outward Bound Singapore.

Reflecting on my career so far, I can say that being an Outward Bound Instructor has transformed me from a shy and quiet person to someone who is confident, outgoing, and a good team player!

What’s it like working at Outward Bound Singapore?

We are like a big family here because we practice a culture of open communication and foster a close knit working relationship with all our fellow instructors and trainees as well. Outward Bound Singapore also invests heavily in training and development so that all our staff can stay relevant in our skills.

What are some career highlights so far?

I’m currently Deputy Head of Global Programs, whereby I oversee and manage all our courses for local youth and adults to take part in overseas adventure camps and expeditions overseas.

I also take pride in having successfully kick-started our Outward Bound Singapore Global Program in countries such as Australia, Croatia, The Philippines, India, Mongolia and many more.

What are your future goals?

If life is an open sea, I would like to keep on sailing, and also continue working hard to help grow Outward Bound Singapore’s solid reputation and world class adventure facilities in our region and worldwide as well.

Find out more about Outward Bound Singapore at www.obs.pa.gov.sg

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