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NTUC First Campus is a community of teachers, parents and early childhood professionals working together to bring out the best in each child. ntucLogoWe were established as NTUC Childcare in 1977 and became a co-operative in 1992. We represent the highest quality standards of professionalism in early childhood education and are committed to making the best quality pre-school education available to all.

As a pioneer and innovator in the early childhood education in Singapore and the region, we aim to make a positive difference in fulfilling the promise of each child through our extensive network of more than 50 pre-schools in the community.

Our staff of over 1000 dedicated professionals are all passionate and committed to achieving the best for each child.

jobsDB chats to staff from each of the NTUC First Campus education centres to find out more about their passion for early childhood education.

LSHThe Little Skool-House International Pte Ltd was established in 1994 to develop independent and creative thinking, as well as good communication skills, in young children.

Today, we own and operate an extensive network of centres in prime locations such as country clubs, banks, private housing estates and shopping malls across Singapore.

We are committed to developing each child’s physical, emotional, cognitive and social skills to build a strong foundation for their future education and life-long learning journey.

We develop independent thinkers and effective communicators through our unique in-house literature-based curriculum via comprehensive and robust, language-rich environments.

www.littleskoolhouse.com euniceL

Eunice Tong is the Principal at The Little Skool-House At-Thomson, which is one of the branches of The Little Skool-House International.

Eunice, how did you become an early childhood teacher?

My early childhood career with The Little Skool-House International (On-The-Green) began its journey since June 2005. I was the English Teacher to about 65 Kindergarten students.

It wasn’t just about planning lessons and conducting activities, but also nurturing the little ones as unique individuals and fulfilling the potential of each child.

What do you enjoy about your job?

I love my job as an early childhood educator because of the experiences and the sense of achievement I get when I make a positive difference in the lives of others. Being people-oriented helps in what I do, as it is also about building good relationships.

I’m glad that I have played a significant role in the learning processes and lives of my students, and I enjoy the beautiful friendships that I have with my colleagues and the parents.

What are some highlights/achievements in your job as a Principal?

The role of a principal has many challenges. But it’s all about human dynamics – how we behave and react to situations, and how we accept changes and make progress.

For example, the annual year-end graduation concert is a stressful time for some teachers. But if you look at it from a different perspective, it strengthens the bond among the teaching staff as we spend more time together brainstorming for ideas, creating props, and purchasing costumes. As a team, we also learnt to understand each other better as we tap on each other’s strengths whilst working on projects and events.

Why do you enjoy working at The Little Skool House?

Being part of NTUC First Campus, I feel that I belong to part of a big family where there is warmth and support. There are opportunities for advancement, training, scholarships and overseas professional experience.

What are your career goals for the future?

I wish to continue contributing to the early childhood industry by mentoring and sharing ideas with those who have less experience in this industry. Hopefully, together, we can reach out to more children who will benefit from quality preschool education.

MFSMy First Skool is the pioneer childcare arm of the NTUC First Campus Group. We currently offer more than 4,000 childcare places through our chain of over 40 centres island-wide.

Our programme subscribes to experiential learning and a process-oriented approach that supports the natural curiosity of the child, thus helping them to develop positive dispositions desirable for life-long learning.

My First Skool offers childcare, infant care, student care and flexi-care programmes.

We nurture confident and happy children who are ready for life and prepare them to achieve their best in school, through a balanced curriculum that lays a strong foundation for life-long learning.


mabelineLMabeline Chia is the Acting Principal at My First Skool.

Mabeline, what’s your job like?

Formerly, as an educator in My First Skool, my role was mainly to nurture the children in their holistic development, inspire and stimulate their learning and equipping them with skills for life-long learning. I also worked closely with parents to develop their child.

Presently, as an Acting Principal, my role includes overseeing operations of the childcare centre, ensuring a quality learning environment, and implementing the curriculum.

Leading and working in a team with my staff, managing welfare and professional development of staff and children are also amongst my responsibilities. I also have to develop partnerships with parents and stakeholders of the pre-school education industry.

What do you enjoy about your job?

My interest in Early Childhood Education was kindled only while I was working in the Pharmaceutical Research industry and got to know more about children and the way they learn. After much consideration, I decided to try it out at a pre-school and felt a sense of satisfaction, fulfilment and motivation to nurture the young. My passion was ascertained and hence I took the leap to switch into this industry.

I consider it very rewarding to be a part of a child’s life – playing an important and meaningful role in nurturing the child, and witnessing and celebrating every milestone of their development with them.

Furthermore, I enjoy the opportunities to be able to interact and build relationships with families, employees and other professionals from the education industry, from whom I gain useful insights concerning educating, parenting and working experiences.

What are some highlights/achievements in your job as a Principal?

Providing quality education services and environment, building effective home-school partnerships and good team rapport among the employees are the motivations in my job.

Developing relationships and partnerships with families and employees, based on trust, give me a great sense of achievement and support. In addition, being recently promoted to an Acting Principal gave me the opportunity to advance my knowledge and skills as I take on new responsibilities.

Why is NTUC First Campus a great place to work at?

NTUC First Campus constantly seeks to provide excellent early childcare and education to families. In view of the company’s mission and vision, I am assured that I am working in an organisation that commits their best towards the families and children.

The management also places much importance on the welfare and professional development of their employees. I am glad that in recognition and appreciation of my efforts, I have been given this opportunity to further develop my career.

What are your career goals for the future?

I would like to master my leadership skills and be a mentor to other educators, advising and equipping them with skills and knowledge so they can greatly impact and influence the children and their families positively.

RTRCRTRC Asia is committed to enhancing the quality of care and education of young children through the support of early childhood professionals. Established in 1989, we offer a full range of early childhood education programmes from Certificate to Master’s level, that help equip learners with the professional understanding and competencies required for them to be qualified early childhood educators. Our expertise extends to various international organisations such as UNICEF and PLAN International, conducting customized training programmes for early childhood educators from the ASEAN and Asia Pacific regions.



Sukuna Suppiah is a Senior Training Specialist at RTRC Asia (Regional Training Resource Centre for Asia in ECCE for Asia). Sukuna, what’s your job like?

As a Senior Training Specialist, I enjoy the opportunities to make a difference in the lives of educators who nurture young children’s minds.

Apart from imparting necessary skills and knowledge through training, I empower early childhood educators to be change agents as lifelong learners to take control of his or her learning – constantly encouraging them to make decisions that increase their abilities, effect change and, improve quality. These will help to optimise early learning and development opportunities for young children.

My passion for teaching and learning best describes my job scope at RTRC Asia.

What do you enjoy about your job?

It is never a “dull moment” at work, and my work is certainly rewarding, meaningful and active. I enjoy prodding the minds of my learners. It is their joy, enthusiasm and dedication they have for young children that inspire me to improve my learning and teaching.

I have a firm foundation acquired by being an early childhood educator myself some 15 years ago, and I have always been inspired by the spontaneity of young children and their ability to “live in the moment”. This enthusiasm is seamlessly brought into my class by the pre-school education teachers, who motivate me every day. I know that what I share in class with my learners will eventually cultivate the hearts and minds of young children.

What are some highlights/achievements in your job?

At RTRC Asia, the learning opportunities are abundant. Conferences and workshops have always been enriching learning experiences for me. Presenting my papers at these conferences and mentoring students as co-presenters at these workshops are rewarding achievements.

It gives me great pleasure to see my students discovering and unravelling truths about their own practices and assumptions through classroom research. I marvel at the moments of “aha!” in my students when they serendipitously discover new and improved findings in their classroom practices with young children!

Why is NTUC First Campus a great place to work at?

It is the warm climate of collegiality, like-minded professionals sharing their skills and knowledge and certainly the valuable autonomy given to construct one’s niche at work.

Apart from the classroom training hours, the organisation supports flexible working hours for professionals like me. Working from home, at peace, and defying rush hour drudgery of squeezing in trains and buses is a well rewarded boon. I’d say that RTRC Asia is a cool place to work!

What are your future career goals?

Knowledge about early childhood education has gained much attention in the recent years and many are orientating towards research to understand how children learn and develop.

This is associated to how we train our teachers to equip them with knowledge to understand the changing face of early childhood education. Development of children is contextual, which means it is also based on their families, and the larger culture, and how these intersect with our changing society – which all contributes vastly to the development of today’s child.

Hence, I believe in constant learning to keep up-to-date with current research for professional development, and I am aware of the value of concurrent study and work in the relevant field – where work and study complement each other.

I plan to embark on pursuing a doctorate to enhance my knowledge and enrich more lives in the field of early childhood. I’d like to witness the fruition of my vision towards helping children enjoy a colourful, happy and safe childhood.

TCatCThe Caterpillar’s Cove brings together teachers of young children, researchers and students who are training to work with children. We have a dynamic setting with highly qualified teachers who are familiar with the best internationally accepted practices in child development.

Being a child development and study centre; we provide an outstanding pre-school setting where teachers, parents, researchers and student-teachers strive to discover and advocate best practices in early childhood education to promote children’s optimal learning and development.

Children thrive in this highly innovative, stimulating and purpose-built environment specially designed to bring out each child’s potential.

www.caterpillarscove.com.sg xuetingL

Ng Xueting is a teacher at The Caterpillar’s Cove Is it rewarding being a teacher?

As an early childhood educator, there are a few important roles that I have to play in the lives of young children. I plan experiences and activities to support their growth and holistic developmental needs.

I also work closely with families to share insights and progress of the child. Most importantly, I need to ensure a nurturing and safe learning environment that supports young children while they advance towards their fullest potential.

What do you enjoy about your job?

I find great satisfaction when I see young children building strong and positive identities of themselves. I feel a sense of fulfilment when young children are able to form healthy and secure friendships with the people around them. It is also gratifying to see children acquire positive learning attitudes that will empower them to be successful life-long learners.

What are some highlights/ achievements in your job?

I was given the opportunity to attend an annual Early Childhood conference in Italy, Reggio Emilia. It is every early childhood educator’s dream to visit Reggio Emilia as it was where the world-renowned, innovative, educational philosophy (The Reggio Emilia Approach) first started.

The trip included visits to local schools, and meeting and exchanging views with fellow professionals from other countries. The trip was the most incredible, mind-blowing, and unbelievable experience in my entire professional career. It made me reflect on my personal teaching philosophy and values, and think about ways to improve my teaching practices.

Why is NTUC First Campus a great place to work at?

Our organisation, NTUC First Campus, strongly believes in supporting the professional development of its staff. Teachers are offered scholarships and interest-free loans to further their studies; and I took up the interest-free loan for my Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education.

NTUC First Campus comprises of various groups, which provides us with opportunities to broaden our career choices. It allows us the space for our individual aspirations to grow, and develop specialties in the field.

Our Centre Director believes in balancing the organisation’s goals with our personal aspirations, and meets us individually throughout the year to plot our career plans. This helps me visualise my career path, and from there I can develop short-term goals.

What are your future career goals?

I am very passionate about cultivating best practices with young children, and so I hope to familiarise more children and their families with the best practices in planning child-centred experiences.

I also hope to be a curriculum specialist one day, developing innovative ways to document a child’s learning patterns and growth.

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