Nightmare colleagues in the pantry

They say monsters come from under the bed, from the sky, or down below from the depths of Hell, but what if it’s from somewhere safe? Just where do monsters lurk when not in our heads?

Here are five behaviours of colleagues with bad manners that drive everyone in the office crazy. Have you bumped into them yet? Or are you one of them?


Those who think others will pick up after them

There are colleagues who grew up under the care of domestic helpers. As a result, whether it is a finished lunch box or an empty mug, some of them will simply leave it on the table for others to take care of. Some don’t even bother to close the door of the microwave oven after heating up their lunch. Worse, they turn a blind eye to the puddle of Tom Yum soup they spilled in the oven.

Those who never restock the water cooler

In a female dominated department such as human resources, the task of restocking the water cooler can fall on the shoulders of male colleagues, that is if they are willing to do it. Be a good colleague, praise your co-workers when they restock the water cooler to encourage them to do it more often.

Those who think they own the pantry

The human resource department swears that they have restocked the box of coffee just yesterday. So where did half of them went? Turns out Peter from the finance kept them in his drawer. Dig around a little you will find all sorts of candies and biscuits he has taken from the pantry. Some you were wondering where they have disappeared to since last month. “For emergency times,” said Peter. Right. He might as well operate a mini mart in his drawer.

Those who steal

While outrages cases like stealing a colleague’s ham from the office fridge and then leaving a note saying it was “a little salty” are rare, people stealing food from colleagues are not. Don’t be surprised to see an increasing number of warning notes on lunch boxes telling lunch thieves to back off. Remember to bring a lock to work tomorrow to lock down your carton of milk.

Those who bring fake treats from “overseas”

For the love of food, stop putting out Kjeldsens butter cookies in the pantry saying they are a tasty treat from your recent trip to Denmark when they are really from the supermarket across the street. The candies and biscuits with Japanese and Korean writing all over them won’t fool anyone either as they are also available everywhere in Singapore.


Are there dirty dishes piled up? Is there exploded tomato caked on the microwave? Is your lunchbox missing sandwiches and Cheetos? Most often, these things can be addressed directly. Most people get that they should clean up after themselves, they often are just busy and forget. A little reminder and nudge can go a long way. Just don’t explode at them like that tomato in the microwave.



Source: AirBnB (image)