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The mission of the Singapore Police Force (SPF) is to upload the law, maintain order and keep the peace in the Republic of Singapore.

Shared Vision

A Force for the Nation

The SPF is a force for the nation, ensuring the security, survival and success of Singapore, and helping to build it into our best home. They are a Police Force of excellence that inspires the world, embracing continuous learning and innovation as our way of life. They will be guardians, friends and protectors of the community, serving them with the best of our ability and to the highest of our standards.

The Singapore Police Force is united with the community to assure the highest level of safety and security. They are always ready to deal with any threats to the safety and security of Singapore, and they strive to reassure and instill a continued sense of confidence and faith in our community. In times of crisis, the people of Singapore will look to the SPF for reassurance.

The SPF is a harmonious family. Each of them serves and leads, contributing to the objectives of the team they are part of. Their workplace is enjoyable to be in. Their people are its most valued assets. The SPF nurture and develop their officers to their fullest potential and constantly enhance their skills and abilities. They create a caring and supportive environment, one which upholds values of fairness and integrity; their culture is anchored in teamwork, openness, mutual respect and mutual trust. speaks to ASP Chen Guanliang Gabriel, SSgt Ong Chao Hui and Insp Ong Yoke Wen about their experience and life being a part of the SPF family.

ASP Chen Guanliang Gabriel Singapore Police Force Team Leader, Marina Bay Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC)

Job Description: As a Team Leader at a Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC), I oversee a group of officers performing general frontline policing. I am responsible for developing, managing and motivating them to become good officers, to achieve SPF’s objectives. When and why did you decide to join the Singapore Police Force (SPF)?

I decided to join the Police Force in 2009 after working for one and a half years at the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI). Ample developmental opportunities, prospects of exposure and empowerment to make a difference to SIngapore and Singaporeans, were what inspired me to join.

How has life in the SPF shaped who you are today?

I have become stronger, both physically and mentally, through the various experiences I have gone through on the job. It has definitely broadened my horizons, deepened my capabilities and built up my character. In particular, the ability to analyse complex details while being sensitive to broader issues is a valuable skill that I have acquired.

As Team Leader of the Marina Bay NPC, what are your responsibilities?

I supervise a team of officers in frontline policing (e.g. patrolling, crime scene management). I also have to manage their personal and career development.

Being a Team Leader at Marina Bay NPC, it is also my duty to ensure the safety and security of the dynamic Marina Bay precinct, so that Singaporeans and foreigners can live, work and play in peace, and businesses can operate safely. How do you think being a Team Leader in the SPF is different from leadership positions elsewhere?

The magnitude and gravity of responsibilities given to leaders are what I feel distinguishes roles in the SPF. As law enforcers, we are charged with the protection of life and property. Additionally, leaders in the SPF often have to lead in a fast-paced environment, laden with uncertainties and many potential risks. It demands us to be swift, nimble and think on our feet. Every decision made has to be sound and within the overarching legal framework of Singapore.

How satisfying is your job and what are your job prospects if you perform well?

I am currently in my second posting after my last posting as an Investigation officer. Both roles have been enriching! Officers who perform well in the SPF can look forward to challenging appointments leading to a career that you can look back on and feel proud of.


Job Description: Enforcement unit that handles cases such as vice activities, gambling, harbouring of immigration offenders among others. What does a Crime Control Unit officer do?

The Crime Control Unit is an enforcement unit in a Police Division that acts on information received from the public or the Division’s Intelligence unit. Some of the issues that we handle are vice activities, gambling and harbouring of immigration offenders.

We also monitor crime trends involving theft and molest cases for example. As Crime Control officers, we make discreet and in-depth observations, conduct raids, ambush and anti-crime operations to make sure that crime rates are kept low.

In some operations, we collaborate closely with external agencies like the Health Sciences Authority, the Central Narcotics Bureau, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority and the Singapore Civil Defence Force.

What unique qualities should a Crime Control Unit officer possess?

As a Crime Control Unit officer, good observation skills are key traits critical for making swift and decisive decisions needed on the job. We must also be agile and street-smart depending on the situation and terrain. Most importantly, we must be a good team player in order to accomplish a common objective.

What is the most exciting part about your job?

That would be to apprehend someone committing an offence in the act!

What determines how successful your team is in acting on crime?

Teamwork and the absolute dedication of each and every officer are imperative. The support and assistance of members of the public are also crucial.

What personal sacrifices must a Crime Control officer be prepared to make?

Working hours may be irregular. Sometimes it may be difficult for us to plan ahead our daily schedule. However, it is perhaps this “uncertainty” that is exciting; one that gives a different experience from a 9 to 5 job.

manpowerJob Description:

A Manpower Officer (Planning) is responsible for the development of manpower policies, and the formulation of manpower strategies to ensure employee performance and recognition in the SPF. My job is to make recommendations pertaining to such policies for the SPF and as such, I work closely with the Public Service Division, HR Division of the Ministry of Home Affairs, and other Ministries.

What is your daily work routine? Does it change often?

I am currently in my staff posting so I work the normal office hours except for when there are major operations, I may be deployed and would need to work shift duty. In your opinion, what kind of person would be particularly suited to this job?

Someone who has mental and physical resilience and someone who will not shy away from challenges.

,b>How does your work impact the rest of the Police Force? Please give an example.

The formulation and revision of policies affect officers directly. For example, when we make a review of a standing policy, such as a specific allowance scheme, the end result may benefit certain groups of officers. Seeing the policies I have worked on being implemented gives me a real sense of achievement.

What are the greatest forms of satisfaction you obtain from your work?

When I was a ground officer prior to this staff post, the sense of satisfaction came from the ability to help others, resolving conflicts and solving cases and bringing justice to the victims. It is an experience that one is unable to achieve elsewhere. As a staff officer, the sense of satisfaction arises from the many benefits or gains officers can receive from a change or implementation of new policies.

What are the challenges that come with your job?

The SPF is ever-changing and as an officer, we have to constantly review our policies and practices to meet the demands of the current situation. This challenge is what makes the job an interesting and what makes the organisation one of a kind.

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