Managing your Millennials

Millennials have quickly become an integral part of today’s job market and they are likely to be the ones sitting in senior level roles in the future and leading the organization. Due to the phenonium of The Millennial Job Hop, older employees and organization do not look kindly on the millennials.

Instead of letting your millennials go, organizations should look into ways to combat with millennial job hopping. Here are a few tips:


Give millennials what they expect

Everyone wants to feel welcome, and millennials are no exception. Millennials are also looking for the ability to make a difference and be a part of something new and exciting – hence the reason why start-ups are more successful in attracting and keeping their millennials. Catering to their desires to feel needed and important can keep them interested to stay in a company.


Pay attention to professional development

Training and skills development are crucial in keeping millennials in a company. Fostering their skills and knowledge allows them to grow and advance in their careers, which will entice them to stick around the company longer.


Don’t neglect the workplace environment

When it comes to retaining millennials, it is important to have a warm and friendly workplace. Not every organization can be furnished and designed like Google. Companies can still appeal to millennials through flexible schedules and workspaces, telecommuting options, better vacation options, and the ability to voice out freely.


To keep millennials engaged, companies needs to find new ways to convince them that staying will benefit their resumes and employment options, and can lead to growth and development in the long run.