How To Make Your Social Media Profile Job Search-Ready

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Other than visiting online job portals and looking through the classified ads, social media sites are slowly becoming an effective job search tool. It’s important to make your social media profile job search-ready by cleaning up your social media footprint. This article offers five useful tips to help manage and keep your social media profile appropriate yet interesting to potential employers.

In an online survey conducted by Harris Interactive from February to March 2013, nearly two in five companies use social media sites to research job applicants. 

An inappropriate photo, post or quote can affect your chances of getting hired in a big way. You can even lose your job over it. Applebee’s Chelsea Welch, SendGrid’s Adria Richards, and recently, a couple of male Subway employees all lost their jobs from posting inappropriate contents on social media sites. This is why managing your social media profile for job search preparation is more important than ever.

Here are five simple tips to help you with your social media clean up:

1: DELETE inappropriate posts, pictures, and comments

Religious, political, and sexual content should never make it to your social media profile. Start the cleanup process by checking and deleting posts of similar nature. Change your social media settings and make sure they remain as private as possible. Limit access to your profiles by tweaking with the privacy settings. Use the individual settings available in most social media sites to your advantage. Use appropriate yet interesting words in writing your Facebook, Twitter and other social media posts. This makes it easy for you to manage your social media profile easily.

2: REMOVE all connections with people who can MAKE you look bad


ho you have on your network can positively or negatively affect your social media profile. It is a good idea to “unfriend” or “unfollow” people who can make you look bad in the eyes of potential employers. Imagine being tagged at the wrong party or in an event you’d rather keep private. If you’re fond of adding people you don’t personally know, stop doing so right away. Manage your network and don’t hesitate to remove connections that do nothing to improve your social media identity.

3: REPORT fake social media profiles and accounts immediately

While the

likelihood of this is small, it does happen -The ease of how people access the internet makes it an easy tool for your enemies to create fake profiles of you. A fake social media profile with your name and details can ruin your online reputation. Report fake social media profiles and accounts immediately so site managers can ban, block, and delete these fraudulent profiles. Make it a habit to Google your name often so you’re alerted to fake profiles of yourself real-time.

b>4: CREATE a professional profile

Blog posts and comments on third party sites can be harder to remove or clean up. Bury them away by creating a more positive or neutral social media profile. Check the internet for sites you can use to strengthen your professional network such as slideshare and It can help you grow, manage and improve your professional online presence to help bury and counter negative posts and comments you are unable to delete or remove.

5: THINK before you post

forward, always think before you post. Potential employers are now using social media sites to take a better look at your character. It’s best NOT to give them with something that can potentially harm your employment chances. If you absolutely have to post something, do drafts on a notepad first. Read and review everything you’re writing before posting so you don’t have to worry about removing or deleting them in the future.

The internet through social media sites is an excellent job search tool. Remember to keep your social media profile job search ready by thinking about and reviewing every post you make online.

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