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Fionna Lau, Makeup artist

What inspired you to become a makeup artist?

makeup-pic022I started playing with makeup when I was in pre-school, and my Mum’s dressing table was my one of my favorite playgrounds – Mummy’s ‘Art and Craft’ table, I would call it. When playtime was over, I would be smiling from ear to ear looking at the mirror with two black patches on my eyebrows, ‘beautiful’ green circles around my eyes and a huge blotch of over-painted pink on my lips.

If there was more time to play, I would even “beautify” the dressing table with colorful kohl-lined flowers and lipstick-stained petals that I nicely dug out from every colored lipstick imaginable. “So pretty!” I would think to myself, but obviously Mum didn’t think so. Probably the only colour that stood out from the scenario was my Mum ‘seeing red’ over the whole mess that I made!

Later on in my teens, I would give myself a secret challenge while at secondary school – which was to apply different kinds of makeup, which wasn’t allowed in those days, and get away with it. Before going to school every day, I would apply really subtle makeup so that it would just about go unnoticed by everyone, especially the eyes of the Disciplinary Mistress and Prefects. But whenever someone said to me, “I don’t know why, but you look different today…” I know that I had secretly succeeded in my challenge and would be ecstatic!

makeup-pic01So that’s how I discovered and developed my passion to become a makeup artist.

What do you like best about being a makeup artist?

It’s about the art of beauty, firstly. It’s also about seeing the immediate boost in a client’s outlook and self confidence – a client can go through an instant and positive behavioural and personality change just from their makeup alone. Simply amazing!

I always get a buzz from seeing the smiles of total appreciation from the customer at the end of a makeup session.

What are some of your career highlights as a makeup artist?

I really enjoy working with some of the finest people in their craft, like photographers, models, hairstylists, etc. It’s also cool to get up-close and personal with famous people, and apply my makeup skills to beautify and give them the extra touch of glamour.

Is it challenging being a makeup artist?

Sometimes clients challenge your call as to what kind of makeup is ‘good’ for them, and I therefore have to constantly reassure them that I will make them look their best. On another note, waking up at 2am to do make-up for a bride on her wedding day is also quite a challenge!

What advice do you have for young people who are keen to become a makeup artist?

Learn extensively, get plenty of practice, find your particular makeup strength and work on it until it becomes your biggest selling point.

Are there good career prospects for makeup artists?

The prospects are excellent considering the freedom and flexibility of time, work and rates. You are in charge of yourself, the decisions you make, and the amount of effort you put into your work which transcends into how much your salary is going to be.

You call the shots and therefore you are your own boss. Isn’t being a boss a good career prospect in itself?

“I first met Fionna 3 years ago at a magazine shoot and was rather impressed by her flair and artistic play with colours. She combines style, glamour and character with the interplay of shades, bringing out the essence of the person to the maximum. Ever since then, I have used her for some more corporate, glamour and personal makeovers. She makes me look fabulous every time and always makes me smile!”

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You call the shots and therefore you are your own boss. Isn’t being a boss a good career prospect in itself?

What are your dreams and goals for the future?

I aspire to give more people the opportunity to experience my makeup services, so that I can help them to look and feel their best – be it for corporate productions and photo shoots, weddings, personal makeovers or makeup lessons.

Fionna Lau

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