Looking for a Passionate Candidate? Here’s How You Can Find One

Credentials and experience will tell you how capable a candidate is – but what if you’re looking for someone who really loves what they do?

These people can be harder to spot during the hiring process, but once you’ve got them working for you, you’ll understand why more managers are choosing to hire passionate people over those with more experience. Passionate employees have a whole new level of commitment in every aspect of the job and company. They love what they do, and they do it well. And this, in turn, will help you as a manager to produce high quality results for your team.

How do you uncover someone with loads of passion? Here are some signs you should watch out for during an interview:

The interview flows more like a conversation

It’s supposed to be an interview, but it sure doesn’t feel like it. You feel more like you’re talking to someone you share a common interest with, and the conversation flows easily. A passionate candidate is not only knowledgeable about the company and the work you do but also ready to discuss the subject in-depth.

They ask questions too

You’re not only asking questions; you’re answering their questions too – and we don’t mean the standard questions they have after Googling your company! Because the candidate is genuinely interested and curious about the job, they will have questions about the culture, in particularly how much autonomy or creative freedom they’ll have.

They think that work should be fun

Work means more than the obligatory 9 to 6 for passionate candidates. There is a difference between passionate workers and workaholics – passionate workers really enjoy what they do that they get lost in it, so much so that they lose track of time.

They are relentless in their pursuit of passion

When you ask the candidate about a challenge they’ve faced in the past, they are more than willing to share how they overcame the problem with you because it fills them with a sense of accomplishment. Because they find work fulfilling, they are always striving to do better for themselves and the industry.

They convince you to love their work by the time the interview is done

Passionate candidates are also very interested in the industry, following key people on social media and keeping up-to-date about the latest trends. But their interest isn’t something they can keep to themselves; they will try to convince you to care as much as they do.


Now, who doesn’t want a passionate candidate working for them?

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