How to Land the Job of Your Dreams with Your Preferred Employer

If you could work for any employer in Singapore, who would it be? Does the name of your preferred employer pops up on the list of the top 20 employers in Singapore? If it does, you may be in for some tough competition ahead.

Here are our tips on how to land a job with your dream employer:

Assess what skills / attributes your preferred employer brand regards highly

Each company is different and will have their own core values. Peruse the company website, or search for their mission statement to find out the type of culture fit your dream employer is looking for.

Work on your own personal brand

Job seekers with a distinct personal brand stand out from the crowd when applying for roles with the top employer brands in Singapore. So, it is important to work on how you are perceived online and offline – from your clothes, to how you carry yourself, to your resume, and to your social networks.

Leverage on social media

Social networks like Facebook and in particular, LinkedIn, are excellent tools to display your online resume; and network with likeminded industry professionals.

Develop great communication skills

No matter what you do or where you work, you will always need to have communication skills, and developing your own strong communication skills will work in your favour when applying for roles at your employer of choice. By honing your written and verbal skills, it will help you to further emphasise your passion for the business.

Get creative

As the top employers are in demand, it is important to do whatever it takes to grab attention and show your employer of choice just how much you want to work there. Consider creating a video cover letter or converting your resume into an infographic.

No matter which employer you want to work for, it’s important to stay ahead of the game – with the tips above you should be landing your dream job in no time!

Source: Unsplash (image)