Keep calm, stay positive, and believe

Job searching requires you to be prepared for the uncertainties that’ll come your way. You need to be ready when you’re dealt with rejection, missed opportunities, and failure. It won’t be easy to stay positive amid these setbacks, but it’s the only way to survive this challenging part of your life. One way to do this is to look at every negative thing that comes your way as a challenge that can be solved. Here are other ways that you can follow to stay motivated and optimistic while you search for jobs.

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Keep an optimistic attitude

Job hunting can be draining physically and emotionally, especially when you’ve been at it for so long. Long-time job finders may feel disheartened after sending out countless resumes and attending dozens of interviews and still not get that much-longed-for job offer. But dwelling on your failures can only make things worse and delay your job search even longer. This is where the power of positivity comes in.

Begin adapting a positive mindset early in the morning to set the tone for the day. Remind yourself of how good you are by psyching yourself before the mirror. Repeat affirmations (‘I am amazing, I can do this’) to get you in the right mood. Avoid negativity and instead choose to do things that will bring out the good vibes in you: taking a warm, luxurious bath while listening to your favourite tunes for example. At the end of the day after coming home from an interview, give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. No matter what happened during the session, securing an interview invite is already an achievement in itself so give yourself props when you deserve it. A positive approach may be hard at first but if you just continue doing it daily, it will become a habit and eventually a second nature to you.


Healthy body = Healthy mind

Now that you’ve set out to start a more positive life path, the next thing you should work on is your health. It’s important that you stay healthy while you search for jobs so you won’t fall sick on the interview day. Even if it’s only a phone interview, being sick will greatly affect your performance.

Start by changing your eating habits and turn to a healthy diet. Avoid junk food if you can and choose to drink water and fresh fruit juices instead of alcohol and soda. Strive to sleep early instead of staying up all night. Be more active by exercising regularly and stop lazing around your house waiting for hirers to call you up for an interview.

Why is this important? Because a healthy and active body can significantly improve your mood and keep your energy up while on the hunt. It’s so easy to feel sluggish or uninspired especially if your job search has gone on for so long without a positive result. Staying on the active and healthy path can help you stay motivated, which is important to help you get closer to your dream job.


Have a strong support system

The last step to help you stay on the right track during job search is to surround yourself with a great support system. Going through this part of life is challenging enough as it is, but more so if you’re going through it alone. On those especially trying days when you feel most down and defeated, a kind gesture from a loved one can help offer relief. At the end of the day, the people who care for you most would be the ones who wish to see you succeed, so reach out to them as much as possible.


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