Just Graduated?

And you think just by getting a job, you, as a fresh university graduate, can secure a brilliant future? No, says Tan Wen Hui.

The word has gone out – yesterday’s luxury is today’s necessity, and having a stable job nowadays is a luxury. This applies to those who are fresh out from the university and hoping to land a decent job that is relevant to their course of study and at the same time pays well.

As soon as the 2009 Sub-prime mortgage crisis hit Singapore shores, Multi-National Corporations, particularly investment giants, were quick to freeze their hires. In no time corporations around started to follow suit and hired only The Experienced in order to maintain productivity levels.

As of December 2009, blogger Seah Chiang Nee noted that the number of unemployed fresh university graduates doubled from 6,200 in 2008 to 14,800. Needless said fresh university graduates are left with little or no employment opportunities, and try as they might; many are forced to take up irrelevant jobs. All in the face of a changed labour market.

Consider this: Do you want to be in charge of your career life? Then it is time you start racking your brain for ways to achieve your career goals – even if it means having to give tuition for a year to supplement your income. Here are five suggestions on how you can survive your Baptism of Fire and secure that dream job.

Five Ways Fresh Graduates can make themselves Employable:

Secure a Relevant Internship:

Having tried and tested by many working professionals,there is no doubt that the fastest and best way to savour work life is to get an internship. Not apply for a job. Employers are looking at work experience per se, but an internship provides fresh university graduates with a substantial amount of experience in managing projects from the start to end.

Moreover, an internship helps a graduate fresh out of school adjust to the rigours of work life, it is important to take it seriously.

Make Marketing Your Religion:


Put your business and or academic know-how’s to use by publishing your portfolio online, or anywhere suitable to gain visibility. For instance, you can start by creating a blog to publish your worldly thoughts, views and yes, personal portfolio. Don’t forget to feed your blog daily with positive and witty posts to rig in readership. Singapore medical student Jeffery Leong’s blog is a noteworthy example for you to check out.


Edit and Proofread Your CV and Letters:


Who saysyou’ve got to be a polished editor like Anna Wintour to edit and proofread your curriculum vitae and cover letter? As an undergraduate, writing is the de rigueur and should not pose as a major problem even if English is your Achilles heel. Now that you are officially a graduate, it is time to put your skills to use because practice makes perfect. If you feel that you need a second opinion on your style of writing; whatever, get a trusted lecturer to help you out.

Hint: You can also refer to jobsDB.com Career Advices to suss out tips on editing.

Pick up a skill:

Ever wanted to break free from the rigours of mundane, everyday life? Here’s your chance to do so before you commit yourself to a career. Pick up filming and photography, learn web designing and programming; whatever interests you because who knows that one day, this skill might prove to be advantageous to your career advancement.

Stay Positive Everyday:


One of the challenges of everyday life is to stay positive. Subsequently, think positive in order to lead fulfilling life. Otherwise, a life filled with negativity will catch on you, regardless of what you do. Well, the choice is yours – you decide how you want to live your life.

On a personal note…

Sounds good? Well, some of the suggestions mentioned might sound a lil’ overzealous but they did work for me.

Tan Wen Hui (also known as JET Wen Hui) is an outgoing Socio-Political critic who at the same time is a recalcitrant foodie and Marcom Executive with Flame Communications. A leisure writer, she looks forward to spending time airing her views online. She is also a contributing writer for City News Network, as well as Suite101.com and other print magazines.