jobsDB’s Asian Consumer Market Survey reveals rising salary ambitions of Singaporeans

Singapore, 04 July 2013 – jobsDB, the leading online jobs portal, today announced the findings of its recent Asian Consumer Market Survey. The survey has found that workers in Singapore are becoming more ambitious and seeking out new, higher paying job roles, even in their later years.

Conducted bi-annually in six markets across Asia Pacific, the jobsDB Asian Consumer Market Survey provides key insights on the changing behaviours and ambitions of job seekers in the region. In the H1 2013 survey, jobsDB canvassed the opinions of 1,893 participants from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.


According to the online survey, 42% of workers in Singapore are seeking positions with a salary between 1,500 to 3,499 SGD, compared to 38% of Hong Kong workers who demand a higher salary between 2,449 to 4,899 SGD. The study also shows that there was a significant increase in respondents from Singapore searching for roles in the 5,000 to 7,499 SGD salary range, up 7% from last October. 69% of neighbouring Malaysian job seekers however, sought a salary between 400 to 2,000 SGD.


From October 2012 to present, the majority of Singapore job seekers saw a small 3% decrease in the 20 – 24 age bracket; however there has been a 4% increase in the 45 – 49 age bracket, a trend that was mirrored in Hong Kong with a smaller 2% rise. Conversely, there has been an 8% decrease in Malaysian job seekers between the same age bracket. This increase across both Singapore and Hong Kong suggests that people are seeking out higher paying job roles to manage approaching retirement.


Interestingly, the survey detected a relative decline in the number of Singapore respondents seeking roles in accountancy from 11% in October 2012 to 6%. The number of Singapore job seekers looking for roles in banking and finance has also seen a slight decrease of 1%, while in Hong Kong the same sector received a 2% decrease. In Hong Kong, education has become the most popular sector for respondents – 13% in October 2012 to 12% at present.


Angeli Beltran, Managing Director of jobsDB Singapore and Malaysia, commented: “As a leading job portal it is our duty to conduct research and uncover underlying trends in the markets in which we operate. These insights allow us to more effectively service our customers and provide them with opportunities that match their needs and wants.

“In Singapore, we’ve noticed the developing trend around the demand for higher paying job roles amongst the older age range, which leads us to believe that Singapore workers are not wholly satisfied with their current role and salary and are looking for change in the lead up to their impending retirement. The jobsDB mobile app is currently under development to improve the user interface and ultimately make it more helpful in connecting people with their ‘something bigger’ that’s waiting for them amongst our 22,000+ strong pool of job opportunities.”

jobsDB’s creative standpoint, ‘let’s explore,’ is an open invitation for job seekers, or change seekers, to take action and fulfill their true potential through jobsDB.

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