jobsDB New Mobile App Launch

db-app-imgThe new jobsDB mobile app for iPhone and Android was launched on 12th November at the App Store and Google Play Store respectively. The long-awaited new mobile app boasts a newly designed interface for a seamless mobile job seeking experience that is both sleek and user-friendly.

With the significant percentage of our visits coming from mobile devices, the new mobile app is a vital tool to help job seekers apply for jobs anytime, anywhere.

Functional key updates include:

• Being able to access your latest suitable job matches from Recent Activity

• Shortlist jobs and favourite searches according to your criteria

• View resumes stored on your jobsDB account and select any one of them to apply for jobs

• Retrieve the jobs you’ve applied for while on the go

• Newly-designed interface for seamless mobile job seeking experience

• Performance enhancements

• And more!

Key Functional Highlights

View Job Search History

Q) How do I find the records of my previous job applications?

To find your records of previous job applications, slide out the menu, tap on “History.” You will see all the viewed jobs, search history and job application history. You can filter these history items by tapping on the “Filter button” on the top right corner, and uncheck those items that you do not want to view. Tap on the “Confirm” button to confirm the selection.

em-newsletter-46You can easily view all the jobs viewed, searched, and jobs that you applied to. Hence, if you want to apply to a job that you’ve viewed previously, you can easily do so by checking your history. Please note that job application history is only available to logged-in users.

Keyword Suggestions & Swiping to View The Next Ad

Q)When I type some characters in the Keyword(s) field, some job titles and company names are suggested. Where do these suggestions come from?

These suggestions come from: (1) your most recent search (2) our job ads that currently exist in our databases.

em-newsletterKeyword suggestions will provide you with the suggested words.

em-newsletter-buttonNo clicking on the next button to preview one job or the next. Just swipe to move back and forth.

Job Alert

Q) I search the same roles all the time. Is there any way to save my search criteria so that I don’t need to type and select the same thing all the time?

Firstly, do a search to reach our Search Result Page. In the Search Result Page, tap on the “Email me similar jobs” button at the bottom left corner. Specify a name and the Alert frequency (this means how frequent you want these jobs to be delivered to your email inbox), and then tap on the “SAVE JOB ALERT” button.

em-newsletter-job-alertGet the jobs you like emailed to you directly. There is no need to re-type and re-select similar jobs all the time. Plus, get the jobs straight to your inbox.

Download the app

Visit the App Store and Google Play Store to download the new jobsDB App now!